3 Effective Solutions to Solve Waterproofing Hassles in Your Home

After completing the dream house and painting it flawlessly, experiencing damps in many places can hurt you a lot. Though repainting those areas can hide the damages temporarily, preparing the damps from the base is important for your home. Here are some useful guidelines to solve the damages—

Solving the Mild Dampness on the Inner Walls:

The inner walls can be affected by mild dampness due to various reasons, among them, weak construction is the chief one. If you are experiencing this problem in your home, then you need not to worry. This problem is easily manageable with least stress and effort as well. Remember, when you are treating the area, cut it at least for two feet.

Here is a step by step guide for you—

  • First, remove the patch from the surface with an iron brush.
  • Second, fill the gap with plaster as well as waterproof material to prevent further damage.
  • Third, repaint the wall with the same colour.

Treating the Severe Dampness in the Inner Walls:

The problem of water socking has several variations and these differentiations derive from the cause of it. As each of the problems are different, you should not take any decision randomly. At first, judge the problem and then find out the solutions for it. For example, if you have found that the outer paint coat is breaking with the plaster, then it is a severe issue and you need to care it from the basic step of the construction.

Here are the guidelines for you—

  • First, peel the plaster up to the brick level.
  • Second, apply a coat of waterproofing agent.
  • Third, it is time to plaster the whole area again and paint it spotlessly.

Managing the Cracks Between the Tiles and waterproofing Grouts:

Apart from poor construction, the gap between tiles (grout) is also here to cause seepage. This incident mostly happens in the bathroom and kitchen area and this seepage, damages the adjacent walls. Bubbles and peeling of the applied paint skins are visible through the problem, which spoils the entire look of the interior decoration.

To prevent the damps, follow the following steps:

  • First, before repairing the walls, your primary duty is to call a plumber and examine the condition of the water pipes, if there is any damage, solve this issue first.
  • Second, fill the cracks and the grouts as well with the help of a sealing agent and let the place dry.

As, making the dream of owning a home successful, is not a child’s play, maintaining the condition of that home is also not a cup of tea. Water dampness is a vital issue, which can damage the look and the condition of the home as well. Hope this blog post will be useful for you.

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