5 Fabulous False Ceiling Ideas for your Home decor

Ceilings happen to be one of the most important elements of a home, as they offer an unobstructed view of the entire interior space.Gonearethedaysofplainconcreteceiling.By beautifying this element of your home, you can transform the way your interiors look. To get the complete effects of false ceiling designs blend it with effective and aesthetic illumination and different kind of lightnings.

To help you decide on a design, here are the most gorgeous and modern false ceiling designs that can be constructed into your home decoration.  

The floating slab ceiling

This is the style of a ceiling that looks floating in midway on the ceiling. There are fasteners that hold such a ceiling with the actual one. It is a decorative piece that enhances the overall look of your home. Most of the time, such a ceiling is for attaching tubelights or any other forms of decorative lightings that one wishes in his/her home. You can choose to install spotlights and other illuminated cut-outs on the ceiling. This makes the home beautiful from inside.  

The cladded ceiling

You can run your ideas wild when creating such a type of false ceiling in your home. Clad the gypsum board with different types of wallpapers or attach decorative mirrors. You can even use wooden cutouts. Some people even choose to paint the cladded false ceiling to look unique. You can even attach veneers to such a ceiling to match with the furniture of the house.  

Wooden ceiling

You can ask a false ceiling design service to make a wooden ceiling in your home. Wood is something that can complement all decors and designs and is both contemporary as well as traditional.  

The half-and-half ceiling

In this type the false ceiling is divided in two parts and one part overlaps the other. The scheme is easy to install and also safe aesthetically. Your home will look great in such a ceiling pattern.  

The drop down panel

This is a pattern of false ceiling that is common in homes with chandeliers. This is the type of home that has a lot of space. It is almost similar to hanging or floating ceiling, but offers a different look altogether. There are generally no chandeliers, but well lit niches that adorn the ceiling and enhance the overall look of the home. Some people also keep colorful bottles and jars on the shelf that is created by the false ceiling. It is one of the most innovative designs that you will see in false ceilings.

So, have you decided on the type of false ceiling that you’d choose for your home? Choose one of the false ceiling ideas from the list and give your home a makeover.

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