5 False Ceiling Design Types For A Charming Living Room

5 False Ceiling Design Types For A Charming Living Room

A room where the entire family comes together and sit, a room where the family laughter is being shared, bonds are made and jokes are cracked, such is the living room of a house.

Holding a special place in every family’s heart, this room deserves to be decked up. One among the most recent front room false ceiling designs can usher in a material pop of happiness within the room that everybody loves!

While wide range of decor and furniture do happen to be extremely important to form an area feel homey, a singular hall false ceiling design can amp up your space completely. Often not paid attention to, a classy yet warm hall false ceiling design can create magic within the space.

The most recent front room false ceiling designs are available during a number of various designs and patterned cut-outs that bring a dramatic visual. Paired with the right false ceiling lights, you’ve got yourself a comfortable, appealing space that pulls you. 

Floating Island False Ceiling Design

One of the foremost chosen hall perfect ceiling designs is that the floating island ceiling. This ceiling features a subtle yet warm vibe going with it and hence happens to be one among the foremost liked newest front room false POP ceiling designs. The living room false ceiling is meant during a way that there’s a rectangle cut-out within the middle of the ceiling that hangs on the brink of the ceiling, appearing to be floating within the air. A floating island design covers the whole ceiling without much complication and has the power to form your space look bigger. This hall false ceiling design also allows you to install lights between the island and therefore the ceiling, giving the space more light also as a soft effect when checked out. 

Cutouts False Ceiling Design Space

A chic yet smart, cut-outs are another ceiling option that’s loved out of the most recent front room false ceiling designs and is ideal for all sized living rooms with quality standards. Cutout Paris ceiling are essentially one or more shapes cutout within the ceiling for light or fan installation.

The shapes are often as per your liking and may be one or quite one counting on the dimensions of your front room. A mixture of various shapes also can be opted for to form your hall false ceiling design solution more trendy. So bring the shapes you’re keen on to life with these cutout hall false ceiling designs and obtain decorating! This type of ceiling can also done be done as a kitchen ceiling with a good quality POP.


If canopies are something you wish but don’t have the space to put in , a panel false ceiling is another quick option which will play the role of a cover in your hall false ceiling design with quality components. A horizontal and vertical installation over your ceiling and an adjacent wall, panel false ceilings make a dramatic effect, emphasising on a particular spot of the space. One among the lesser known newest front room false ceiling designs, a wooden ceiling gives a hotel-like smooth finish or texture finish to your room. Choosing a contrasting color to the panel can create the right juxtaposition giving a light-weight and dark effect to the space and making the space look classy and stylish. It can only be done by the experienced professionals and skilled professionals.


Breathe in the fresh, dewy greens whilst sitting in your room with the assistance of the most recent false ceiling designs. A boon to the character lover, this green has the power to strike a chord within the heart of a patriot also. The green hue is additionally known to possess a relaxing effect on the onlooker and makes it the right color to adorn your front room, study and particularly your bedroom execution option. You will get vast design options with comprehensive range for indoor setting of commercial building services.

Freshhomez offers perfect execution and timely execution with rich industry experience with expert professionals and highly professionals team. And they also have a prestigious clients in India, as they provide excellent quality service. They are a largest provider of false ceiling or simple ceiling designs provider and false ceiling service provider with an reasonable rates.


Another subtle yet elegant Gypsum false ceiling design is the layered false ceiling which works on the advanced technology resources with an accomplished personnel. Almost like the floating island, a layered ceiling has the power of creating your space look bigger and brighter. Unlike the other ceiling design, during a layered false original ceiling design ideas, you’ve got the choice of getting the layers directed inwards or outwards, counting on your liking. This modern technology and advanced technology has vast design options and can be done in small time span and execution options with an affordable prices and extensive range or amazing range.

A one of a kind newest front room false metal ceiling design or ceiling material, the layered wood ceiling panels let’s you put in lights between and on all the layered, ensuring your room has ample amount of lighting for all the family jamming session you’ve got in your front room. While choosing from a spread of newest living room false ceiling ideas , one has got to put in careful thought and take into consideration the space to be covered. The right hall false POP ceilings tiles or fibre ceiling tiles has the power to form or break the ambiance of your space and may make your space too clustered or too empty if not chosen correctly. The complete lighting solution with integral space requires advanced techniques and deep knowledge.

Advantages of False ceiling materials:

Heat insulator: Adding an extra layer of the ceilings fibre false ceiling materials that hangs below the true ceiling traps a layer of air between the two surfaces, which in turn helps regulate the room temperature. The lowering of the ceiling aids air conditioner efficiency since space is considerably reduced with heat insulation or sound insulation properties.

Acoustics: Trapped air between the surfaces, or the plenum space, and popular material used to construct the false ceiling, especially wood and fibre, helps in absorbing sound waves. Installation of false ceilings in living or gaming rooms improves acoustics, allowing a fuller experience.

Illusion: Buildings with elevated ceilings often throws the furniture to room proportions off balance. To restore the semblance, more often than not, a false PVC ceiling panels is installed, which casts an illusion of a lower ceiling, therefore, making the furniture aesthetic appeal larger and proportionate to the room with a square gypsum boards.

Wiring: A false ceiling, being a mock ceiling that hangs below the true ceiling, allows a large concealed area between the two surfaces which is effectively used for pipelines and wiring.

Ease of modification: The panels used to construct the decent ceiling height are easily removable, allowing easy access to the plenum space. Repair work, plumbing, and electrical wiring can be easily conducted, installed, modified, or replaced functional features.

False Ceiling Lights:

LED recessed lights: The most commonly used form of metal false ceiling light, the LED lights are both easily available and cost-effective. These lights can easily be aligned with the desired design and resistance properties.

Cove Lights: Most often used to enhance architectural elements, the cove lighting or artificial lighting or additional lighting are ideal for casting an expensive and luxurious feel to any room aesthetics. They come in concealed crown mouldings, that aid in muting the harshness of light, allowing even distribution of light along the walls.

Gimbal recessed soft material lights: An attractive alternative to your mundane bulb, the Gimbal recessed lights are flexible and highly efficient. They are most often used as spotlights, or to highlight points of attraction in a room, however, if the intensity of light is regulated, they can serve as effective mood lights.

Flush Mount lights: Custom curated for spaces with limited head-space, flush lights are excellent alternatives to hanging lights. They are cost-effective and can cover a large area seamlessly, making them the perfect pick for ambient lighting with suitable additives and ideal plastic material.

Back-lit ceiling panels: The closest to natural lighting, back-lit drop ceiling panels are extremely versatile. They are easy to install, made to measure, and compact, making them extremely cost-effective and immensely attractive.

False Ceiling types for Rooms:

Bedroom False Ceiling: When looking for the ideal false ceiling design for your bedroom, or any other room in general, one needs to remember the exact purpose served by the room concerned. A bedroom is where you retire post a long day, and hence, the ideal ambience should have a calming effect. Warm lights, simple yet interesting false decorative ceiling panels or decor products, types designs, are the best options. Sound absorbing materials like wood, gypsum, POP are advised, in order to maintain peace and calmness.

Kitchen False Ceiling: Adequate lighting is key since cooking and serving involves dealing with a lot of hazardous elements including fire, sharp and fragile objects. A false ceiling with a synthetic materials installed in the kitchen should foremost be functional.

Kids Bedroom Ceilings: Kids are perpetually curious, and installing an interesting false ceiling can keep them hooked, and spark their imaginations. Depending on what your kid’s interests are, a theme-based false ceiling can be installed. A false ceiling panels fabric sporting Glow-inthe0dark elements are extremely effective and popular as well.

Living Room False Ceiling: This is the room that is designed to awe your guests and leave a lasting impression. Unlike bedrooms, a living room is far less private, and hence, can accommodate lavish and ornamental false ceiling panels polyvinyl. You totally go all out with lights and fancy designs, if that is what you are looking for. Or keep it minimal and at par with the rest of the modern homes interior, the choice always rests with you.

Home office false Ceiling: We are talking business here- is the vibe that your home-office should ideally give out. However, that does not necessarily mean sombre. You can choose whatever design that suits you the best, improving your concentration and productivity. Proper lighting, here too, is key.

Bathroom false ceiling: If you judge a person by their shoes, a livspace home is judged by the bathroom. A well-lit bathroom is extremely appealing, the false ceiling plaster can both be elaborate or minimalist, however, the available space and head-space should be kept in mind with a synthetic leather or leather false with intricate design.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a gypsum false ceiling service or false fibre ceiling panels or glass ceiling panels or grid ceiling services, then you can go ahead for the FreshHomez, it has a skilled team and experienced team and offers all the services at a competitive prices. It also offers you with a wooden panel or frames for a limited period with quality raw materials.

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