Beautify your homes with our array of classy and artistic False Ceiling design Services

27. December 2017 Interior Design 0
Beautify your homes with our array of classy and artistic False Ceiling design Services

False ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is suspended below the main ceiling of the room.  False ceilings don’t just add to the aesthetics, they also serve many other critical functions – like keeping the interiors cooler in the summer months, providing you with the ease of using more or less lighting or being able to use mood lighting, better spread of air-conditioning and conceal exposed cables, wires, ducts, and cracks in the main concrete ceiling.

Let’s have a look at a few amazing ceiling designs to get inspired from.

  1. Gypsum based false ceilings tend to offer more choices because they are flexible to use, light in weight and possess fire resistant properties. They provide a smooth finish without any visible joints. The filling of air gap between the two ceiling layers provides insulation against heat and keeps the room relatively cool. They can be finished to suit any existing décor. You can even paint over them to suit the colors and ambiance in your home or office. This makes gypsum based false ceilings very versatile choice for any project.
  2. Metallic ceiling tiles are long lasting, durable and elegant. They happen to add a stylish appeal to the interiors and make sure that designer look is achieved. Metal ceiling tiles do not rot, crack or absorb moisture and are a solid means of adding strength to a building.
  3. Plaster of paris was one of the most sought after option. Such type of ceilings gives a smoother finish to the interiors. It can be crafted in stunning patterns with or without wooden panels and light fixtures. A combination of Gypsum & POP false ceilings provide a faster means of achieving similar results.

As known, the craze of adorning false ceiling is increasing day by day; they are favored for solving the problem of unhygienic ceilings getting difficult to clean. At times, there is a possibility that such ceilings require expensive measure to maintain their beauty. This is the reason that false ceiling contractors Mumbai are called upon to create marvellous designs. Certainly, these ceilings are easy to maintain and require lesser time to clean. Being economical in nature and having designer appeal, such ceilings are quite essential to make sure that the house looks beautiful.

Apart from maintenance , false ceilings are easy to install and considered termite proof. Of course, they are non-porous and have the ability to be installed in any amount of area. And yes, they are accessible in variety of designs as well as shades. This could add a wholesome effect to the entire interiors of the house.  After all, every individual wants to have marvellous interiors that can get them accolades.

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