Five key Considerations While Choosing A Commercial Painter In Mumbai

11. December 2018 Painting 0

Painting is an ancient technique to represent your feelings artistically and nowadays it is a way to show off your property in the most eye-pleasing way possible.

Ones commercial property is very much dear to oneself and a place which is so precious needs a great refurbishing and painting is one of the ways to do so. It is also one of the critical investments because one would never want their dearest place to look lousy. So it is essential to choose your painter wisely so that you don’t feel sorry after the job is done. Mumbai is the commercial hub of India; here we will be talking about the five key considerations one should make before finding the most appropriate painter for their commercial place.


  1. Start Shortlisting:The best place to search for contractors is the internet. Search on any of the search engines and make a list of contractors whom you feel would be perfect for the job. You can also look into some local directories of Mumbai. Start making a list of at least 7-8 contractors. Call them up to set a meeting separately,or you can give an estimate.  
  2. Researching: The next thing you need to do is research. Ask for previous works and clients. Contact the clients to see whether they are happy with the paintjob. After that look for the company’s warranty schemes and prior records. Check for their licence and whether they have any past criminal history or not. It for your best interest to gather as much information possible.  
  3. Quoting and signing: After you choose the company to do your paint job quote everything like what are the things to be painted and how much to paint. Explain everything in detail. After both parties agree to the quote, both need to sign as it will be the legal document for future notice. If the contractor is not willing to sign then immediately close the deal. This quote will help any future legal proceeding to go smoothly in the worst case scenario.  
  4. The decision of price by both parties: As a commercial person, one would know the value for money and what it worth. So talk to the contractor and ask for his estimate for all the work his people would be doing. It is apparent that one does not want to be overcharged but never agree to estimates which may seem below standards because it will clearly show in the quality of the work. Be rational.  
  5. Hire a specialist:  Always see to it that the contractors have the skill set then only hire them. Ask for guarantees if anything goes wrong after the job has been done.You being the customer it is your best interest to get the best possible deal out of it.

These are the five most key considerations that you should make while finding a commercial painter in Mumbai.

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