How Do Various Indian Interior Paint Brands Compare Against Each Other?

If you wish to paint the interiors of your home, it is vital to consider the type of paint brand that you should choose. You need to compare the various interior paint brands in India – Dulux, Berger, Nerolac and Asian Paints – which are the top brands ruling the market at present. These brands offer various products that come with one-of-a-kind features and are available at varied rates. Find out how interior paint brands in the country compare against each other.

Type of Finish

Asian Paints has Royale Range, a luxury paint category comprising of various Asian Paints products. Aspira and Shyne gives a silky smooth and high sheen finish, Atmos offers smooth matt finish, Matt offers smoothest matt finish and Luxury Emulsion offers smooth and low sheen finish.

Nerolac Paints has products like Eco Clean, 24 Carat, Metallic Finish, Ideaz, Pearls Emulsion and Pearls Lustre Finish in its Impressions Range to ensure silky, smooth, smooth metallic and rich smooth finishes, with good, high or soft sheen.

The products of Berger Paints in the Silk Illusions range include Easy Clean, Silk Luxury Emulsion and Silk Glamor that offer sensual or ultra smooth finishes.

The Dulux Velvet Touch Range in the Dulux paint brand include DuluxLustre, Irish Linen, Diamond Glo, Pearl Glo, Platinum Glo, Rare Pearl, Persian Silk and Italian Marble that offer mid, high and soft sheen as well as marble-like finish, linen-fabric finish, pearl glow finish, Iridescent pearl-like finish and Matt finish.


Aspira has Flame spread resistance, Crack bridging property and Water beading technology. Shyne has less amount of odor, and is anti-yellowing and antifungal in form. Both Luxury Emulsion and Matt has Anti-Fungal Shield, with the later also having Dirt resistance and Burnish resistance. Atmos can release fragrance and absorb bad odors.

The Nerolac Paints products come with USPs like no odor, durable toughness, washability, low VC and Anti-bacterial form, although there is no fungal resistance as in case of water based Pearls Lustre Finish.

The USPs of Berger Paints products include rich sheen, high stain resistance, Cross-Linking Polymers, scratch resistance, stain resistance, durability, anti-fading pigments, Elastomeric Film crack bridging capacity, low VC and metallic shimmer effect.

The USPs of Dulux paint products include washability, comfortable application, Eco-sure compliance etc.

Which One Should You Choose?

Your choice of a paint brand for interior makeover includes taking a decision about the types of features, finish and USPs that you want. You should also consider the affordability, choosing from 3 price ranges – Economy, Premium or Luxury. It is important to take all these factors in consideration in order to make an informed choice, when it comes to opting for a specific brand that would be most suitable for improving your indoor décor.

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