How to Choose the Right Pet-Friendly Paint?

While painting a space, it is important to know right pet-friendly paint. This blog will give you the idea of how to go about looking for the best pet-friendly paint.

As a responsible pet-owner, it is important that you choose a safe painting product for your pet room as well as for other rooms in your home. Here are some tips to choose the right pet-safe paint.

Check the label

When you consider painting options, it is important that you look at the label and choose a non-toxic product. It is best to go for paints with a formulation comprising of natural ingredients like essential oils, water, plant dyes etc. At times, however, the pigments are not powerful enough to make the shades bright. It is advisable that you choose a paint formula with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and which discharge minimal or no toxic fumes. Toxic-free tints are essential for your pets.

A water-based paint is more preferable

Traditional paints are harmful for pets due to a mix of toxic chemicals, including VOCs, heavy metals and solvents. Look for a pet-safe paint substitute that contains fewer or no toxic chemical. Not every paint product is branded pet-safe. Thus, you should check the ingredients to determine which ones are the safest. It is generally better that you skip a solvent-based paint and buy a water-based paint.

Look for a stain-proof paint color

You should choose colors in a proper way. Keep in mind that colors such as blue, green and bright red display smudges. If you choose a darker tone, it is advisable that you go for a natural shade such as olive, brown or charcoal. Such tones have a cleaner appearance, and most scratches and smudges blend in without being noticeable. You may also consider choosing a color that is creamy and soft-white. This way, even when stains get prominent, you may tackle the same with a fast and smooth touch-up.

Look for sufficient luster

The paint finish is the final part of the paint that you choose for your pet room. There are plenty of options and you can easily get overwhelmed or confused when it comes to making a choice. Before making a choice, look at the label of the paint and ensure that it is a semi-gloss or whether it is a satin-finish or a lower-sheen finish. You will not possibly like to have walls that are fully reflective, but touching up or cleaning flat paint is tougher. Irrespective of the types of pets that you have, satin and semi-gloss finishes are lustrous enough for fending off smudges arising from tails, claws and paws.

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