Kids Room – DIY Ideas for Interior Design

Kids Room – DIY Ideas for Interior Design

Tents are fun summer decorating ideas that encourage kids to enjoy outdoors with kids room paint ideas. As tents are great for backyards, they create playful atmosphere, add colorful designs to outdoor living space and make an attractive centerpiece for kids bedroom design and backyard landscaping.

Tents can be used for children bedroom design also, adding an adventurous decorating theme, beautiful decorative fabric prints, images and color combinations to kids rooms. As tents are simple and amazing kids toys that make wonderful gifts for children and decorate their rooms in playful and elegant style. Kids like cozy corners, and tents are ideal, simple and inexpensive structures that provide cozy places for kids.

A Colorful Doodle Tent

According to the details on this product, this teepee-style tent is ideal for kids aged 3 and up. It has a roll-back flap entrance so it can be left open or closed for more privacy. There’s an extra circle cutout so kids can crawl in while the flap is closed and add another layer of adventure fun. The Purple color looks amazing.

A Castle Fit for Royalty

Many play tents offer another acrylic paint color layer of fun for imagination with the shape and design. Like this one that’s full-on castle that’s fit for royal play. The tent can be used indoors or outdoors and is easy enough to move from one to the other.

Tent With Lights

Made with durable canvas and featuring LED lights, this tent is the perfect size for a bedroom or playroom. The legs of the tent are made of pine, so it will last a good while and it’s sturdy enough that parents won’t have to worry. The age recommendation is for kids aged 3 and up as it is mainly with kids stencils.

A Fun Imagination

A tent that is easy to assemble is important for moms who don’t want to fiddle with putting it together while a bored child whines at their feet. There are a few easy-to-follow steps to get this set up and the fun part of this tent is it comes with a light for the inside. Between that and the fun colorful patterns, it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

Kids Room

Fit for a Princess

Between the gorgeous pastel colors and the bright lights, this play tent is an adorable choice for little princesses. The battery-powered LED lights shaped like stars and there’s enough room inside for a friend to join, or a lot of stuffed animals and cozy pillows.

A DIY craft TEEPEE TENT with Arts and Crafts

Teepees are a genius idea for tents that were characteristic dwellings of the American Indians. To replicate a tepee in your kids’ room, you will need 4 equal length poles that you will place upright. 

Tie them at least a foot below the top, so that the tops are together, but the bottom part of the pole spread out. You can use a classic clove hitch knot to secure the tepee. Test it to check if it will stand upright on its own without any support. Now you need to wrap a large piece of fabric around the tepee and once again secure it at the top, above your knot.

Tents are such fun décor ideas or elements that your kids will want to spend a lot of their time in there. If you have the time, make it comfortable for them with pockets sewn in on the inside to hold toys and books, a comfortable mattress and cushions.

Kids Room

How To Make A Simple Horizontal String Tent

This is a quick and easy make-shift tent of kids room design idea. All you need is a horizontal rope on which you will fold fabric over. The corners of the fabric can attached to heavy furniture in the room – the bed, a chair, and a wardrobe, for instance.

Make this interesting with special fabric. And attach loops to the corners so that it can be fixed easily and detached whenever required. Another idea is to tuck it in under a base mattress. Or you could simply use this idea to make a tent canopy for the bed itself!

Want a False Ceiling for your home, check out the link here.

Little Ballerina

Your dainty dancer deserves a space as precious as she is. Custom graphic gray wall painting shelves art inspired the delicate look of this little girl’s room. With a place to hang her ballet outfit and shoes. Choosing a monochromatic color combination with subtle accent pieces colors allows for versatility as your little one gets older.

Kids Room

Skateboards as Artwork

 Incorporate your tween’s favorite hobby into their room warm colors design. A row of skateboards above the headboard adds fun dimension and pattern to this boy’s bedroom. Or create a cool skateboard clock.

Coral + Turquoise

When choosing a nursery design, consider a chic. And timeless color palette and wooden stool or wood color that will grow with your child. Coral and turquoise paired with primary colors shimmery gold accents make a great choice for a little girl’s room. Monogrammed white wall art is a cute and classic addition that will last long after the baby stage, too.

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