Learner’s Series – Why you should invest in luxury emulsions?

Learner’s Series – Why you should invest in luxury emulsions?

With time we are all moving towards a better lifestyle, may it be in terms of our clothing or food preferences, we don’t want to compromise on anything. When we talk about luxury, home interiors is one of the first things that pops up in our heads. Spacious comfortable apartments are something we all yearn for. But what if I tell you that it’s not necessary to invest into lavish high profile chambers to taste that extra bit of opulence, your walls – immaculately painted – can do that part for you and make your simple home look splendid.

Yes, we are talking here about luxury emulsions. When we are ready to repaint a room in our home or repaint the entire house for a fresh new look, we never assess various options that are available in the market. We simply choose the paint that we had applied years (if not a decade) earlier and finish our touch-up job. Don’t just dive into the job first without looking at a few paint alternatives. It is equally important to know what the other and latest kinds of paints available in the market these days that can enhance the décor of our homes.




Here are some of the benefits of using luxury emulsions over the other paints –

  • Because it is a water-based emulsion paint, you don’t need to worry about it being toxic as compared to other solvent-based paints, which mean you don’t deal with vile odours, less VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and there will be fewer skin irritations. Hence, it is highly recommended for families with kids in their home.


  • Luxury emulsions come with durable surface coating and can be cleaned by washing with water along with shampoo if needed. Exposure to water does not affect the quality or colour of emulsion. So next time your little junior splashes something over the walls you need not worry because luxury emulsions are low maintenance.




  • Your wall colours would last longer with luxury emulsions compared to other plastic paints so that you can admire your beautiful walls for a longer period of time.
  • Luxury emulsion paints can be used for various styles in painting. For example sponging, rag rolling, stencilling as well as crack glazing all utilise emulsion paints.
  • Bright coloured luxury emulsions reflect more light than any other paint in its class, giving you more light in the rooms which are in the darker corners of your house and not to say saving up on your electricity bills.




  • One of the major advantages in its domestic application is that during the process if you find some spills around you need not panic because they can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth, unlike solvent paints which leave a strong mark behind after the cleaning.

Some of the best choices for Luxury emulsions from the market are Impressions 24 Carat from Nerolac or Royale from Asian Paints. Unlike plastic paints, mistakes in paint application are easily visible and costly to correct. Hence, when you select your contractor to be careful to seek references (and call them!) to check for workmanship. Else, we at FreshHomez would be glad to help 😉

Though luxury emulsions are a little expensive compared to normal plastic emulsions or solvent based paints, its advantages and low maintenance cost-justify every penny invested in its application.

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