7 Tips To Make Your Home Monsoon Ready!

7 Tips To Make Your Home Monsoon Ready!

Monsoons are always the best time of the year, the water droplets falling from the sky and the smell of the damp sand are enough to make your day. Everything seems so pleasing when the city is covered under the roof of the dark sky but there is one thing which we would never want to be under their effect, our homes.
As much as monsoon adds up life to our souls, on the contrary it sucks the life out of our homes and walls, you can see the wall paintings wearing out and your sealing starting to leak.
Monsoon just don’t effect the exterior and the skeleton of your houses they are capable enough in destroying your furniture and accessories.

So what should we do?
Cover our houses with plastic sheets for the next three months or just pack all the furniture till the time they are safe to be uncovered?
Or may be there are better ways which you can use to make your homes monsoon resistant. Here we provide 7 tips which may help you to take care of your house.

1. Clean your furniture using a dry cloth –



If you are used to cleaning your furniture with a wet cloth we would suggest you to get away with your habit this season. Because of high moisture content in the atmosphere there are high chances that a wet cloth can ruin your furniture by making it a breeding place for termites.

But if you are very particular about your furniture’s health one other suggestion would be to use specialized furniture disinfectant and cleansing products which will help in keeping those woods healthy. You can even use table covers and decorative plastic sheets to cover your tables, they will not only protect them from moisture but will also give a pleasant feel to your furniture.

2. Keep your carpets rolled away –




The floors if mopped with a wet cloth, stays damp through the day and if you have carpets around your hallway and room this dampness can turn out to be their worst enemy this rainy season.

To prevent this from happening either you can make sure that the carpets aren’t rolled on the floor till the time its completely dry or if you want to play safe and not risk your carpets life we would suggest you to roll them up and store them away for the season.

But make sure that you vacuum and air them well before you go ahead with storing them as it will  prevent bacteria growth inside them. It is recommended to keep camphor balls inside your carpets before storing them.

3. Use antibacterial while mopping your floors –


High angle still life view of a bucket of water and a mop in the middle of an empty room



Dampness is house to all type of bacteria and termites which can be very unhealthy for you and your surroundings. They don’t only add bad odor but can also give birth to various diseases. Thus, opt for a cleaning agent which are designed for keeping bugs away.

Try to dry mop the floors as much as possible to control the moisture level in your house. Another suggestion would be to have a pest control at your place before rains start as it will make sure that all the hidden worms and bugs are eradicated from your house before monsoon.

4. Get your drainage system checked –




Blocked drainage system can turn out to be the worst nightmare during monsoon. One may often find them getting clogged due to excess of water or food particles getting stuck. One good way of ensuring that the drains in your home are clean is by unclogging it every week. Apart from spreading foul smell if clogged, it can also breed insects and the water may overflow into your house as well.

To make sure that there are no loopholes present in your home drainage system get your complete drainage system checked so that you can be care free this season.

5. Fix your wiring system –


moonsoon home care


If you have unattended wires in the house, it is always recommended to get them fixed before the rains. However, if you find out that there’s a faulty wire in the house, instead of neglecting it, get it repaired as soon as you can.

If you have young children in your house then make this your fist priority as it can create create short circuits and power failures, which can be dangerous for your family.

6. Relocate your indoor plants –


Homes: houseplants


Indoor plants are a great way to keep your passion for gardening alive even in small flats, but during monsoon they can turn out to be your worst enemies. Indoor plants not only add to the moisture level in the house but also be house to insects. Hence, it is suggested that you keep all your indoor plants outside this season.

By doing this you will not only be controlling the moisture level in your house but will also be making your plants healthy by giving them an external environment to grow in.

7. Get professional help if you suspect cracks –




Last but not the least, check for all sort of leakages and cracks in your sealing and walls.

Seek professional help and check your house for cracks or openings before the onset of monsoon. These cracks should be filled with modified waterproof mortar and sealed. The same can be used to seal the joints of rainwater pipes to prevent seepage or leaking. Also ensure that the rainwater pipes are not clogged with dust or leaves.


We hope that these tips and tricks will help you make monsoon ready so that you can enjoy this season without worrying about your houses.

Freshhomez team wishes you a happy monsoon!

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