Painting Walls Beautiful – Memorable 10 of Year 2017

01. January 2018 Painting 0
Painting Walls Beautiful – Memorable 10 of Year 2017

FreshHomez focuses on beautifying people’s spaces by re-imagining their walls and ceilings. Painting a home or office was never a easy task, but today it is more complicated because of the myriad number of variables, be it texture, sheen, odour, utility requirements and above all design preferences.

Further, in addition to aesthetics, there are several functional requirements paintings and coatings cater to in real life. Anti-dust, anti-foul odour, water repellant, water proofing and even writable painting solutions are some of the specialized requirements that FreshHomez services on every day basis.

We take pride in providing the best advise and professional service, with the assistance of our expert service providers. Year end is a perfect time for reflection and planning for the year ahead. 2017 was the first full year of operations for FreshHomez and on the 2018 new year eve, we present to you 10 of our most memorable painting projects executed across Mumbai and Pune.

1. Royale Play Texture Painting

Texture Painting in Pune


2. Elegant Stencil Painting

Stencil Painting

3. Wood Polishing & Lustre Painting at 4000 sft Kandivali Apartment

Thakur Jewel Kandivali

4. Write Erasable White-board Painting

Write Erasable Whiteboard Paint

5. Exterior Painting – Elastomeric Waterproof Paints

Ultima Protek Elastomeric Paints

Waterproof Painting FreshHomez

6. Bungalow Exterior Painting

Bungalow Exterior Painting

7. Commercial Office Painting

Commercial Painting FreshHomez

8. Banquet Hall Painting & Textures

Banquet Hall Painting
Banquet Hall Painting


9. Pride locales – Home Painting at lokhandwala in Mumbai


Lokhanwala Home Painting
Lokhanwala Home Painting

10. Pride locales РHome Painting at Kothrud in Pune


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