Top 10 Tips of House Painting Before Starting the Project

Shifting to a new home? You must be very excited! You must be keen to smell the fresh painted walls and enjoy its magical feeling. However, to have this exotic experience, you should essentially know certain things while painting your house with a fresh coating.

Here are some painting tips everyone should remember to be on the ‘top of the game’.

  1. Primers – A Crucial Element
    Make sure that your walls are thoroughly cleaned and all grime or dust is completely removed so that the paint adheres to the surface. Priming is very important since primers form a durable, smooth and strong base for painting. Exteriors and interiors have different primers. Give your walls two coats of primer to have even finishing and long lasting painting.
  2. Try Different Shades
    It’s no use investing in gallons of painting and then worrying later about the shade when it is all done. It is smart to purchase small sample quantities of paints and try different combinations on the walls. You can also experiment with different colors by painting them on a foam board before deciding on final colors.
  3. Blend Colors in Large Quantity
    Make sure that colors are blend in large quantities so that the paint remains uniform all through the room. When small proportions of colors are mixed, there always remains a chance of discrepancy and variations in shades can occur. Avoid remixing as much as possible.
  4. What to Use – Brushes or Rollers?
    Are you confused of which painting tool to use for your house painting? Well, both brushes and rollers are necessary. Rollers can effectively paint large surfaces in the exterior of your house and brushes are used for small areas, trims and edges. Rollers are perfect choice for interiors since they cover greater area at a time and give smooth finish.
  5. Cover for Care
    Use tape for covering the areas which do not need painting and for making even lines at corners and edges. Securely cover up decorative items, furniture, flooring and even the smallest thing to protect them from paint splatter. Don’t forget to cover up light fittings, switchboards, woodworks, doorknobs and such little knick-knacks.
  6. Know the Paints
    Paints, these days, are available in varied colors, compositions, finish and textures. You should pick wisely according to your preference of finishing and look of the walls. You should understand the distinction between water-based paints, oil painting, latex painting and so on. Keep in mind that too much mix and match of colors does not give a good appearance to the walls.
  7. Make Prior Planning
    It is not good to rush with your painting project. Make proper planning ahead and consider certain things like time of drying the color, weather patterns, humidity level and so on.
  8. Allow the Paint to Dry
    To have long-lasting finish, you should give ample time for drying the color. The more time the color dries, firmer and stronger it will become.
  9. Proper Storage and Cleaning
    Never ever wash freshly paints before 15 days. You should always store all paints in small quantities so that you can use them for touch-ups. Clean the rollers and brushes properly before storing them.
  10. Maintenance
    Painting the house properly does not end the task. Cleaning painted surface and checking the walls from time to time for any kind of issues are some later task. Thus, proper maintenance of the paints is necessary.

So, do not forget all these pointers. Your house painting can be effortless and smooth. Follow this and get ready to showcase your newly painted abode!

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