Top 7 Home Improvement Ideas to Beat The Summer Heat

06. January 2019 Interior Design 0

Summer is a season of sweat and heat. People prefer to stay indoors during summer to save themselves from the harsh weather outside. So it is essential that one creates a cosy home during summer so that the indoor stay is pleasant. Here we will be talking about such ideas of home improvement that can help one to beat the heat during summer.


  1. Planting trees and making a garden: During the summer one needs shade, and cool breeze and both of these can be achieved by planting trees in your backyard. One can enjoy the cool breeze and hang out with family under the shade of the trees and spend a lovely summer afternoon. Moreover, it also decreases the temperature by blocking the sun rays thereby making the homes cooler.
  2. Air conditioners: Another easy but effective way to beat the heat is to set up an air conditioner. Air conditioners can decrease the temperatures to a greater extent. Suppose it is 36 degree Celsius outside, but with the help of air conditioners, one can enjoy up to 16 degree Celsius inside. So air conditioners can help to beat the heat.
  3. Proper Fan setup: Fans are the cheapest and most convenient way to enjoy a cool breeze inside your home during summer. Nowadays many different kinds of fans are available in the market such as ceiling fans, table fans, stand fans, high power stand fans etc. But to gain most efficiency out of a fan, its motor should be connected to the blades in such a way that it rotates anti-clockwise.
  4. Indoor air quality: The air inside the homes also plays a vital role in the increasing or decreasing of temperature. The more the polluted air inside the more the heat generated. So it is of utmost priority to check the quality of the air. Exhaust fans should be installed in the kitchens and bathrooms. After every shower usage of the loo, the fans should be turned on for some time to release out the air and to make the rooms fresher.
  5. Programmable Thermostat: Programmable thermostats are available in the markets, and one can easily install it in their homes. These are connected directly to the air conditioners and can automatically adjust and coordinate temperatures. It helps in keeping a pleasant temperature and also lowering the electricity bill.
  6. Air conditioner inspection: The air conditioners should be inspected on a regular basis so that the efficiency does not decrease with the increasing usage. One must check the filters and clean it if dirt accumulates.
  7. Curtains: Always lower the blinds during the day so that the direct rays of the sun do not enter the homes making it warm.

So these were seven most useful home improvement ideas one can use to beat the heat during summer.

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