Top Reasons to Always Paint Your Ceilings

22. January 2019 Interior Design 0

Ceilings are often neglected parts of your abode, but in order to heighten the value of your property or for the aesthetics, painting your ceilings in eye-grabbing way is crucial. Read on for more!

Where paint makeovers are concerned, trims and walls always appear to receive all the attention. At times, you can find the ceilings being ignored. However, with a refreshing coat of color you can achieve a perfect finish and give visitors to your home / office a good reason to lift their head, look up and appreciate the paint job. Ceilings happen to be the fifth walls, and when these are left blank the design of a room is not enhanced. It is the responsibility of designers to address all issues of spaces – including ceilings. Find out about some of the top reasons why you always need to paint your ceilings.

It can improve your home design

Interior design experts hold that your home’s design can be elevated when your ceilings are painted. Ceiling painting is another effective method of ensuring an impactful design. For many home owners and even interior design specialists, ceilings often happen to be secondary or an afterthought. However, when these are accentuated, these can actually change the whole mood of the internal space. Using patterned wallpaper and a dark color can help highlight them, and easily elevate the whole design.

It can make indoor space look larger

For example, you can make the internal space appear larger with black colors. The use of a velvety black on the ceiling can make rooms look larger than they actually are. While it might appear to be counter intuitive, a black-colored ceiling may help make small spaces look larger and give an illusion of the ceilings looking higher than they actually are. Bright white wall and black ceiling can balance more saturated colors of the décor and furnishings.

It can ensure more drama

It is possible to paint ceilings in a color that can achieve impactful designs. Application of materials and paint on the ceilings can help any space make a bold design statement. Design experts can add elegance and drama to rooms by incorporating high-design concepts easily. For instance, in teen rooms you can add some amount of elegance and drama by painting ceilings with a prominent trim edge. It can be made to look fresh and younger with a festive blue color. Some extra attention to the design can keep such rooms in the best order.

It can add fun and creativity

You can bring more imagination and creativity into spaces by adding bright and bold colors on the ceilings – which are the best spots to introduce their fun and creative nature. It is possible to keep walls in colors of more muted variety, whereas the ceilings can be painted in more fun and whimsical colors. The use of color on a ceiling can add more interest into rooms, and give something to complement the walls.

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