Understanding the Benefits of Eco-Friendly, Natural Paints

Painting your walls occasionally can enhance the longevity of the house and also offers a natural look to the house.  But for painting the walls of your house, you must always use natural paints. But why?

Conventional paints or synthetic paints often contain formaldehyde, heavy metals or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The obnoxious odor of the paints is because of these VOCs. However, it is not good for the health. According to WHO or World Health Organization, the professional decorators who are exposed to high amounts of VOCs are around 40% more likely to contract lung cancer. The organization has also showed concern over the potentially harmful processes of manufacture of these synthetic paints. WHO further states that, for producing approximately 1 liter of paint, there is almost 30 liters of toxic waste.

Choose eco-friendly paints

Owing to plethora of health benefits, most of the home owners are now shifting towards more eco-friendly painting options. You too should look for a painting contractor who can offer the best quality environment safe paint for your walls. The environmentally friendly paints are free from chemicals that can cause potential health issues. Chemically loaded paints are found to cause health hazards like dizziness, fainting, headaches, weakness, and even can cause cancer. However, as of now, the environmentally friendly paints are a bit pricey as compared to the chemical laden ones. It is often the reason for the homeowners to choose synthetic paints in spite of health issues.

While some of the synthetic paints contain petrochemicals, some are with VOCs. There are even brands that make their paints smell good so that the potential damages are not understood at the time of application of the paints. While choosing paint for your home, if you prefer the health and well-being of your beloved family members, you must make sure to check the Earth-friendly seal of the environmentally friendly paints. You should also look for paints that contain a considerable less amounts of VOCs or are non-VOC paints.

Choosing painting contractors

You should always make it a point to hire reputed and reliable painting contractors who would paint the walls of your house with eco-friendly paints and ensure that the health of your loved ones is maintained. Doing all these will surely make the painting task a success. You should immediately start looking for a suitable painting contractor in your locality However, do not choose just any contractor, but someone who can offer the best of chemical-free painting services to you.

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