What are the Various Color Schemes to Choose from for Painting Rooms?

Colors that you paint your rooms with play an important role in evoking the kind of personality you have. Know more about the various color schemes in this blog. Read on!


It is often that homeowners tend to be overwhelmed when it comes to picking a proper color scheme for any of their rooms. When you pick a color, you need to take a decision about the other potential colors to use in the room. Color schemes, in the color theory, refer to a selection of colors utilized in designing for various media. These are used for having a specific appeal, in a particular fashion. In color schemes, colors achieving an aesthetic appearance when used along with one another, commonly go with one another. In a basic Color Scheme, two colors are used to create an attractive option.

Complimentary Color Scheme

Complimentary Colors are those that are used on the color wheel along with one another. The base color happens to be the dominant and primary one, whereas the complementary color is only used in the form an accent. Choosing the right scheme demands you to make use of the color wheel as a reference. The color wheel was used first by Sir Isaac Newton after he made a prism experiment, and found out that there was a wide spectrum of colors in pure white light, and these would reflect. Since then, the spectrum has been used as the color wheel for the categorization of colors and decoration.

Split Complementary Scheme

The color scheme is just like the complementary color scheme, although with a small difference. Painters chose a base color, and then complement it with two contrary colors on the color wheel. The visual contrast in this color scheme happens to be similar to the complementary color scheme, although with less amount of tension.

Tetradic Color Scheme

Here, 3 colors are used – spacing them equally in the area around the color wheel. The colors in this scheme are quite bright, even when unsaturated or pale variants of the colors are used. In order to successfully use the 3 colors, it is important to use them with care and in a balance. Painters have to allow a color to take precedence and accentuate it with two others.

Analogous Color Scheme

In this scheme, colors are used on the color wheel next to one another. Generally, these match each other well and allow comfortable and harmonious designs. You can often find these types of color schemes in nature, and ensure a pleasing design. While selecting an analogous color scheme, ensure that you have sufficient contrast.

Triadic Color Scheme

This scheme uses 3 colors that are spaced at the same distance around the color wheel. The 3 colors in the triad are in harmony with one another, and are sufficiently bright to be balanced with care. You can have one of the colors be the dominant one, and let the other two being used for accent.

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