False Ceiling Designs You Can Actually Use | 72+ Ceiling Designs & Rates

Unlike elsewhere on the internet, here you will actually pickup the design that you will use at your home!

A wide-range of ceiling designs ranging from classic peripheral false ceiling to fancy cloud-themed kids false ceiling design are listed here.

What are the benefits of a false ceiling ?

Expert Interior designers know and home-owners have now started to understand the important of false-ceiling. It does not just make the ceiling beautiful, but has important features too.

  1. Aesthetics – Colored ceilings makes the room more vibrant and adds to its beauty. Designs lend a uniqueness and character to otherwise staid blank ceiling. You may add colors selectively, add accent areas or even texture design in the center of the ceiling to add to the style quotient.
  2. Lighting for false ceiling

    • There has been a revolution in lighting technology. LEDs are not just energy efficient, they are super cool too. They come in more colors and integrate with your home automation systems. (Alexa, switch on the bedroom light!) In-order to fix these modern lightings and fixtures, a false ceiling provides an apt canvas. Also they conceal the the electrical wires and reduce the clutter
  3. Thermal Insulation – Provides temperature control owing to air pocket above the ceiling board & the board itself, thereby keeps the homes cooler during summer and retains heat during winters. People ask, "Can false ceiling reduce heat?" - The answer is yes, it does reduce the heat in the room.
  4. Energy Efficient – The thermal insulation additionally helps reduce one’s power consumptions by reducing heaters and air conditioning bill
  5. Has other benefits like better acoustics, helps in lowering the ceiling (for high ceiling buildings). You can also opt for moisture resistant and fire proof material.  

Are there any disadvantages of using false ceilings?

They require close to zero maintenance. However, one important downside of installing the false ceilings is that the height of the room reduces by just a few inches. Normally this is no big deal, however in multi-storey apartments, building developers are providing lesser room heights than earlier. Hence, this could be an issue.

There are ways to mitigate the height reduction problem. Discuss this concern with your false ceiling contractor and good guys will suggest workarounds for the same.

Is false ceiling expensive? how much does false ceiling design for living room cost in India?

The price for false ceiling depend on the boards, channels and joining materials used. Further, installation contractors will markup the rates based on their skill, experience and reputation. Keeping these in mind, the rate for designer false ceiling would range from Rs 60 per sqft to Rs 100 per sqft. If you are spending below this, either it must be temporary OR you are okay to do repeated maintenance. Of course, there is a huge range of boards and hence the cost can go up 10 times in case of commercial / hospitality projects.

Well-installed ceilings last for 10-20 years without much maintenance. The only caveat is that there must be no water leakage. Painting of the surface is necessary once in five years to keep up the pop and look. Otherwise, for the benefits Given such low maintenance and the benefits listed above, it is so much value for money

False ceiling designs for bedroom

A few tips are in order when it comes to designer ceilings for bedroom.

1. Avoid multiple layered ceiling design, with additional designing perhaps at the periphery. Bedrooms typically tend to smaller and layered false ceiling reduces the height in the bedroom. Both factors combined, the rooms may end up looking much smaller in the end.

2. Beware while building floor to ceiling wardrobes. If you indeed are building a wardrobe, get your false ceiling expert to discuss with the carpenter. The door of the loft at the top of the wardrobe needs free movement. Get the contractors to talk to each other to ensure they discuss the pattern and the measurements 

3. If you have a large window opening up to the ceiling, you are much better of using a moisture resistant gypsum board or a calcium silicate board for your ceiling design. If that portion near the window is not readily visible from the room, you could also use a PVC false ceiling which is quick to install and replace if the need arises.

Please check out our wall painting designs that show how ceilings and walls can be designed to create that uniquely your home.

Latest false ceiling designs & patterns

Our section of false ceiling designs are frequently updated for latest trends. In recent times we get asked on the latest trends as well as the budget friendly trends quite often. So do contact us and we will guide you through the selection process. 

Also mentioned below are some of the recent trends in false ceiling designs incorporating various shapes, lighting and designs, that we we have observed in the metropolitan cities. This is not an exhaustive list! 

1. Upside down dish design

This is good for a high ceiling rooms. The idea is to reduce the ceiling heights on the sides and then leave the centre carved in to add ceiling fan or chandelier. As a fan and a chandelier usually hangs a bit lower from the ceiling this design helps in reducing the perceived gap between the ceiling and the objects.

2. Designed Cove

Today’s trend involves the elevated cove section with various designed grooves with various colors and lighting options.

3. Paneled design for your bedroom

A modern yet budget friendly option is to have a small plain paneled design over your bed. The false ceiling will house the fan and the lighting fixtures to ensure the main area of the room is well served.

4. Scattered design for kids room

For kids room many of our valuable clients have used scattered stars or cloud patterns. With good diffused lighting the end result is very pleasing for kids. 

5. Wooden paneling with gypsum borders

The elegance and majestic appeal of wooden panels is unquestionable. A room with light themed wall colors will get all its attention from the rich brown textures of the wooden ceiling.

From years of experience we understand that beautiful false ceiling designs does not always need intricate designs. A good design has to do with blending the walls, furniture and ceiling well. Sometimes a simple chequered pattern looks amazing. In another setting the same pattern may look our of place. 

What are the different materials used in false ceiling for bedroom and false ceiling for hall? 

The addition of false ceiling transforms the room dramatically. Also known as the drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, false ceiling, has evolved from plain white painted ceilings into a work of art. The type of material used and the details required in the ceiling work determines the overall cost of the project.

  1. Gypsum false ceiling

    1. Is the de-facto preferred choice for false ceiling over POP for false ceiling material.
    2. Benefits are that it is light in weight, provides good sound insulation, is fire resistant and is economically priced.
    3. Metal framework forms the skeleton of the work, which are covered by square gypsum sheets cut in various shapes. Gyproc, USG Boral and India Gypsum are the leading brands
    4. Finishing can be done by paints, laminates and wallpapers
    5. In metropolitan the usage of Gypsum has taken over the POP sheet usage as the material is easy to work, has better finish and edges and helps in faster execution
    6. Current market trends shows increasing market share of Gyproc (a Saint-Gobain company is one of the leading provider of quality Gypsum boards)
    7. Most of our esteemed clients use Gyproc systems owing to superior features.
  2. Plaster of Paris (POP false ceiling)

    1. The most used false ceiling material in Indian homes and is easily moldable to various shapes and gives smooth finish
    2. POP ceilings can be combined with Wood, Glass and other material for contemporary appeal
    3. POP boards are usually comparable in rate to Gypsum, but needs higher skilled labor to provide the same level of finish. Also, POP ceilings can take almost twice the time to install when compared to gypsum false ceiling
    4. It is important to advice the clients based on the availability of skilled POP workforce. 
    5. POP ceilings provide many more design options due to its moldable nature.
    6. Has very good life and is actually very difficult to remove. 
  3. Calcium Silicate Ceiling

    1. The installation methodology is similar to gypsum ceilings; However, Calcium Silicate Boards are used in place of gypsum.
    2. Calcium silicate boards have better resistance properties to water content. It does not absorb moisture and is much more durable than gypsum. It tends to be thinner and is proving to be a very good alternative to regular gypsum ceilings. 
    3. All kinds of designer ceilings are still possible with calcium silicate boards, albeit slightly more pricier
  4. Plywood or Wood Ceiling Panels

    1. Mostly used in combination with other materials to add to the earthy traditional feel to the room. Wooden details along side gypsum is a very good choice.
    2. A complete wood based ceiling is also used for a modern look
    3. The type of wood or plywood used determines the cost of the project
    4. In plywood the waterproof/ marine ply is a bit costly than regular plywood
    5. Plywood additionally needs veneer or laminate to be pasted on top for finishing. Veneers are expensive compared to laminates. 
  5. PVC Ceiling Panels

    1. PVC by its very nature is water repellent. Hence ceilings made of pvc panels are highly durable and recommended for toilets & other high moisture areas
    2. Recently, printed PVC panels or panels with patterns have been introduced, extending the range and aesthetic appeal. Some prints mirror wood finish designs and are very pretty. Mixing them with gypsum as highlight panels, improves the swag.
    3. Installing PVC ceilings is extremely fast, roughly takes only 50% of the time taken for gypsum ceilings. 
    4. A few downsides are that the panel joints show up edges and may impact looks (the workaround is to use vertical patterned panels). Also, you cannot accomplish layered ceiling like its done in case of gypsum ceilings

This is not an exhaustive list, there are many other types of materials including ceiling PVC false ceiling material, but most common material is listed above. 

Ceiling Design in Commercial Projects / Offices

  1. Glass Panels

    1. Like wood panels, glass is usually used as a combination material for installation in ceiling
    2. There is a huge variation in the cost of glass as it depends on the type of glass (plain vs textured, clear vs opaque and colored) and the quality of glass (branded vs non-branded)
    3. The usage of acrylic and fiberglass is increasing with time, but both have limitations in usage
  2. Grid Ceilings With Mineral Fibre Boards

    1. In commercial building construction and in offices, there are several utilities running atop the ceiling - electrical wiring, fire prevention systems or air-conditioning vents. One needs quick access to those utilities for maintenance purposes. Hence, grid false ceiling design is popular in such projects. The grid boards just rest on the thin elegant suspension systems, and can be removed easily. It provides a clean look, is very easy to install and is extremely economical
    2. Two brands are particularly popular in commercial projects for their quality suspension systems and features; and both allow for good air conditioning
      1. Armstrong - They are the de facto leader in commercial ceilings. However, they have a very large product line-up. Depending on your requirement in terms of durability, warranty, acoustic properties and load-bearing capacity, you will have to choose the right product.
      2. Gyptone - They have a simple but effective product line-up. Manufactured by Saint-Gobain, you can be rest assured of the quality and finish aspects. But the product is perforated plasterboard (similar to foam) based and may not suit everyone's requirements.
  3. Metal False Ceiling

    1. Mainly employed in commercial use due to their high durability nature
    2. Polished aluminium and iron sheets are the most commonly used for metal ceiling or cladding
    3. The installation and maintenance charges are usually low but the panels are very high on price.

Expert tips to get perfect false ceiling & construction quality

The main components used in this industry are boards, channels and fasteners. The channels form the structure of a false ceiling below which the boards are attached. This structure, along with the board and the roof are fastened together using fasteners. The false ceiling material business industry is divided between branded  material and unbranded material. By using unbranded material the cost of material will easily reduce by up to 50%. So as a house owner it is important that you understand what your contractor is using. Unbranded material also comes in good quality, but most may not be following strict industry norms in manufacturing, which can lead to failure/ life reduction.

The material building industry is evolving such that it has become a prosperous industry practice for the dealers to start extruding their own channels and sell and some of these products are actually quite good. So as a home owner of residential projects you need to be sure about the quality of material getting used in your project, both from the cost and quality perspective - especially when you are considering a turnkey project solution. In commercial projects, it a common practice to use channels from a well known local extruder to save costs. This can be see across key projects also.  

Experts will agree that materials are an important factor in false ceiling projects and we ensure that all our precious clients are well advised on this front. Also market rates for the material does not fluctuate a lot. So if you are getting different rates, then do check on the quality and brand of material getting used.  Dealing with professionals will help you in stress free execution of your project. Experienced professionals like us will always provide detailed quotation clearly stating the quality and brand of material used. 

Jointing components are another major factor that increase durability and is overlooked by unskilled contractors. But good building construction requires that purpose made jointing compounds are used.

We ensure that all our valuable clients understand this and act accordingly. 

Where can I use POP false ceiling designs?

Plaster of Paris or POP as it is commonly referred to is a versatile false ceiling material. Though modern materials like gypsum is slowly eating into the market share of POP,  POP is still widely used in cost conscious communities for false ceiling designs. Relatively speaking, working with gypsum is a bit easier and also working POP needs more skill. These are the factors driving the demand away from POP.

Nevertheless if you know adept professionals with good skilled workforce, you can opt for a POP False Ceiling Service to replicate most of the designs done with gypsum and possibly at a lower cost. When getting a cost estimate, be clear to get consider both cost of material as well as cost of maintenance. Some material may have lower cost, but may need constant maintenance. So try to get into an arrangement, so that atleast for 5 years any repairs should be the responsibility of the contractor.  

POP ceilings for simple ceiling design for homes ?

For standard rooms with low ceiling, many use a simple yet elegant design of edge beadings made of POP. Designing need not always be complex, as some basics remain same. If you use a layered design for the whole ceiling, the height of your room will decrease. The width of the edges can be larger for larger rooms and in some cases can be bought into the room, dividing them into parts. The idea is to use the false ceiling for installing lights and hiding the wiring and leaving the middle portion untouched for retaining the ceiling height. A combination of diffused lights and spot lights (and in some cases of different colors) will add all the beautification elements to this simple design. There are many pre-molded edge fitting pop ceiling panels, which comes in many width and patterns, these can be used for a faster adoption of new design. 

What considerations go into design of false ceiling project

There are multiple factors which needs to be fixed for your project

1. Budget - What is the price you can afford. Are you looking for affordable prices design using POP /  Gypsum ? or looking for not so reasonable price options like Wood and metal decors.  

 2. Complexity of design - Depending on the complexity design, the material usage (number of layers), wastage and structural material keeps changing.  

3. Type of false ceiling material - There are many material and each come with their own advantages and dis-advantages. This is explained further in one of the above section.