Frequently Asked Questions

From interior house painting using best wall paints and false ceiling services, or waterproofing to wood polishing/ grill or door painting, we specialize in all services needed for your home interiors.

We offers a range of professional home painting services including interior and exterior painting, wood painting, metal painting and texture painting. We also provide false ceiling services and exterior painting services.

We have a bunch of well trained workmen. Depending on the scope of work the supervisor's work schedule is decided.

Standard work hours are 10 am to 5 pm, which can go up by 1 or two hours depending on the scope of work for the day.

Warranty of the painting product used is provided by the brands itself. All services have different terms and the same are detailed out in the quotation.

Sanding of walls, crack filling, putty work (1 coat or touchup depending on the condition of the wall), primer and 2-4 coats of paint application.

Enamels are both oil based and water based. Water based enamels are new in market and the range is increasing.

The rates vary based on the wall condition and products used. Rough cost per SFT in Mumbai for fresh painting/ repainting/ 2-coat painting is as follows:
Luxury (Royal Luxury, Berger Silk, Berger Easy Clean): 30/ 21/ 13
Premium (e.g Apcolite, Rangoli, Nerolac Excel): 25/ 17/ 10
Basic Emulsion (e.g Tractor Emulsion, Berger Bison Acrylic Emulsion ): 20/ 13/ 8

The actual rates can easily go up and down by 20% basis the ground realities.

The painters cover all the fixed / heavy household items in the room before starting the painting activity. Once done the covering material is removed and the room is cleaned before handing over the painted room.