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Frequently Asked Questions

For false ceiling you have many options:
1. Gypsum False Ceiling - The market leader in metros
2. POP false ceiling - The erstwhile market leader
3. Wooden False Ceiling
4. Metal False Ceiling
5. Many other material such as Fibre false , Glass and may other decor materials are used in false ceiling.

There are many advantages of getting a false ceiling done:
1. Clean look, all the wires and pipes are hidden behind.
2. Helps in acoustic insultation from the top floor.
3. Makes the ceiling beutiful and the way u want it.
4. In many cases provides fire protection as it forms compartments.
5. Gives good option for extra lightin

There are many benefits, the key ones are. 1. Style as you want, 2. Sound insulation, 3. Hides all the wires and pipes.

Once the design are finalized a false ceiling work will take upto 7 days. In some cases intreicate workmanship or unique material may be needed and these may need some more time.

A false ceiling is like a second ceiling, which drops 7-8 inches below your actual ceiling. First frames are erected from ceiling and then sheets of gypsum or POP (or one of many more flat sheets) are fastened to the frames. Once the false ceiling is erected, they are finished with putty and paint.

False Ceiling Services for Indian homes and commercial spaces

Why is False Ceiling needed ?

  • Today a good interior décor of the home is no longer a can-have, but a must-have. False ceiling plays a major role in improving the attraction and beauty of the home. False ceiling also improves the aesthetical value of the room.

  • A false ceiling offers a neat, uniform and clean look, which is very pleasing. This is the reason why false roofing is well adopted in corporate offices. It offers a rich and quality work environment, which will help to increase work efficiency.
  • In a rool without false ceilings, the light fixtures are fixed on the walls directly, due to which their many electric wiring are also done on the walls  and are openly visible. This spols the aesthetic look of the room
  • There are several elements such as beams, wiring, fire extenguisher piping, smoke detectors wire etc. which are usually visible below the roof. False ceiling helps to hide all these unwanted elements of the room and provide a clean and uniform look to the room.
  • The false ceiling is used in the room where sound resistance is highly necessary, such as conference rooms, meeting rooms and seminar halls etc. Some of the false ceiling material are good at sound absorption and also provide good insulation from outside noise.
  • False ceiling traps a layer of air and hence provides natural insulation from external weather, especially for a roof exposed to outside weather. 
  • There are many false ceiling materials and they come with various properties to suit specific need of the room.

What is the cost of a False Ceiling

The cost of constructing a false ceiling depends on various factors. So, here is a list of important factors that one should be aware of for reviewing or simply negotiating the charges:

  • Local Availability: False ceiling needs material which is quite bulky, so local availability plays in important factor in costing. If the material is available easily, it will cut down the logistics and transportation costs.
  • False ceiling Design: The cost of the production is proportional to the complexity of the design. Some of the complicated designs cost more as they are highly time-consuming, and even requires a lot of precision and effort from skilled manpower. Some false ceiling designs need laser cutting and so very few vendors are capable of providing such designs. Do check with us for laser cut designs. A laser cut panels for false ceiling for living room is becoming more and more common.Your false ceiling ideas is always the most important factor in determining the budget. 
  • Quality: The price of the construction is proportional to the quality of materials which is being used. The products which are of high quality have a greater return of investment even though the initial cost can be higher, but the material will be more durable and saves the cost of maintenance in the long run.
  • Size: The cost is inversely proportional to the size of the ceiling to be covered. As, the area is large, it lowers the price per square meter as the material can be purchased in large quantities and transportation cost and overheads gets distributed over larger area.
  • Additional and miscellaneous cost: Some additional costs variables include the false ceiling installation charges, fittings, accent elements, cove lightning, surface finishes, gala cutting etc., which gets added to the labour and material cost.


What are the different type of Ceiling material

Gypsum Board False Ceiling

Gypsum False is the most commonly used false ceiling material. The panels come with either square or tapered edges. Gypsum false boards can be easily fixed either by nailing directly to plain wall or placing on a galvanized metal grid. It comes in standard sizes of either 8 feet X 4 feet or 6 feet X 4 feet. Gympsum is versatile and is a preffered choice for generating stylish false ceiling design.

Features of False Ceiling Gypsum Boards

  • Fire and moisture resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Can bear a load of around 15 kg.
  • Heat resistant and good sound insulation
  • Comes in different shapes and customized designs

Grid False Ceiling

Grid False Ceiling is one of the most commonly used in commercial buildings like office buildings and office spaces. These types of ceiling are mainly used for large rooms. They are ideal for concealing wiring. These metal modular ceilings panels are installed either on the cross-sections or T-sections and then suspended by rods.

Features of Grid Ceiling for spacious living room

  • Grid ceilings are economical
  • Comes with monolithic designs
  • Easy to maintain and install. The tiles can be replaced with little or no effort at all.
  • Easy to maintain as you can remove the original ceiling tiles whenever you want
  • It has very good soundproofing capabilities
  • The standard size used is 600x600mm but is also available in other sizes also like 300mm x 1200mm etc.


POP (Plaster of Paris) Ceiling

Plaster of Paris (POP) is one of the most used false original ceiling material. It used to be the most material. It is the cheapest amongst all the false ceiling materia. Plaster of Paris as such has lot of usage. POP mixed with the water to form a paste, which can be moulded in various shapes and dried to form a hard material. It requires artistic workmanship when used in bare form. Wide range of pre-moulded shapes are available. POP ceiling designs are also quite easy to install. 

Features of POP Ceiling for your homes

  • Light in weight
  • Has a thickness of around 12-15 mm
  • The surface can be easily customized and painted
  • Price mainly depends on the design. It can be used for many traditional as well as modern design pattern
  • Easy to construct
  • Smooth finishing


Plywood Ceiling

Plywood ceilings are popular for their attractive, appealing aspects. These types of ceilings are created with the strips of play which are either glued or nailed together. Plywood ceiling, due to its insulating property, is commonly used in places with cold climates. Lot of living room false ceilings are including some level of plywood for a new trendy look. 

Special Features of Plywood Ceiling

  • Relatively Expensive
  • Strong and flexible
  • Appearance changes from time to time
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Comes in customized designs and different shapes


PVC False Ceiling

PVC ceiling is also one of the most commonly used ceiling systems in India. It solves the problem of maintenance for areas where the false ceiling area needs access as well. PVC False ceiling is suitable for all types of weather and climate. It also helps to incorporate a hidden lightning system and flush fitting. These are some of the easiest to install and hassle-free false ceilings.

Features of PVC Ceiling

  • Economical in nature
  • Waterproof
  • Moisture resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Comes in customized designs and different shapes


Other False Ceiling Panel Material

There are other marterial like false ceiling tiles and metal ceilings which are also used. The use of other material is still limited as it needs skilled labor and good know-how for installation and maintenance. What you want to use in your ceiling space depends on you, there are maultiple options to choose from. Gypsum ceilings and PoP ceilings are the most commonly used options. 

What are the different advantages of False Ceiling

There are several benefits or advantages of the false ceilings:

  1.  Lighting Efficiency:

Overhead lighting comes in various shapes and colors. False ceilings truly helps in fixing different light fixtures in the home interior by providing that extra space that is required to fix different options such as mood lighting or diffused lightning or slot lighting. False ceiling lights also comes in lot of colors and intensity options, which helps make the room beutiful especially at night.

  1.  Concealed Wiring & Plumbing:

Wiring for overhead fixtures such as air conditioners, fans, or cove lighting can be easily routed between the original slab and drop ceiling. This helps to eliminate the need for a tangle of wires in or on the ceiling and also helps to improve the overall look of your home. It is also majorly used to conceal plumbing system.

  1.  Energy Efficiency:

The drop or false ceiling is used to reduce the air volume of a room, and as a result of which it helps to reduce the air conditioning load. It also provide an additional layer of insulation, thus better insulating the room and therefore reducing the energy requirement for heating/ cooling.

  1.  Thermal Insulation:

When the terrace above the ceiling is exposed to the sun, one can feel uncomfortable due to the ceiling heat. False ceiling is provided for the thermal insulation by creating an air gap between the false and slab ceiling. It helps to make the room much refreshing and cooler.

  1.  Sound Insulation:

Most false ceiling material have great acoustic properties. This is a significant property in an apartment, as owners need insulation from the sounds from the overhead flats. The false or drop ceiling is used to reduce this sound by simply creating an insulating surface between the twwo surfaces.


Does the False Ceiling Require any sort of Maintenance?

False ceiling is an attractive feature in most homes. Most false ceiling does not need much maintenance. Only requires time to time cleaning. Maintenance of the false ceiling depends on its frame and materials.

Ensure that there is no water contact during the cleaning process. Gypsum plasterboard and water do not go hand in hand. Water will damage the ceiling durability and finish too. If there is any leakage in the ceiling, then metal framing will degrade due to the water, and the false ceiling may collapse. Because of the drop ceiling, you will never come to know about any deflection or corrosion of the RCC slabs.