Royale Aspira

₹606.9/ Ltr

Royale Atmos

₹488/ Ltr

Apcolite Emulsion

₹269.85/ Ltr

Tractor Shyne

₹171.15/ Ltr

Tractor Emulsion

₹137.55/ Ltr

Tractor Uno

₹109/ Ltr


The choice of product is always a personal choice and also driven by budget. We will list few pointers. High sheen paints shine more and need a good wall preparation as minute imperfections will also show. Use the costly paint in focus areas and choose matt finish economy paints in other areas. It's very common in India to use matt finish paints for ceiling.

One needs high washability and stain resistance properties for kitchen, so choose paint with high gloss within your budget.

Distempers are Lime/ Chalk mixed with colouring pigments, glue and a solvent like water or oil. Distempers have very low life when compared to emulsions. They also do not have UV protection, are not washable and many a times have high VOC. Emulsion Paints are water based paints and comes in large range and different finishes. They also offer additional properties like dew resistance, UV protection, high washability, low VOC etc. They are much superior to Distempers and offers much longer life.

The color consultation is absolutely free of cost

Asian Paint Prices, Brands & Product Details

What will be the cost of painting my house?

This is a standard question we encounter when we meet any client.

We respond, "Okay, which paint do you want to use?" 

Nine times in ten, the client says, "easy, Asian Paints!", "What is the Asian Paint price for my home", and we just faint! 

This is like visiting McDonalds and saying, "I want to eat McD!"

Oh, common! Likewise, there is a wide range of products under the Asian Paints stable, each with its specific use-case. Asian Paint prices differ by sub-brand, paint product, surface preparation products and region!

In this article, we will discuss - Types of paints including where to use which paint type, Asian Paints sub-brands plus classification, tips on which sub-brand to use where, how to save costs, tools to estimate exact paint requirements 

Asian Paints Ltd Share Price

If you landed here by mistake and are looking for financial and company share info, click Asian Paints Share Price, to get the details from one of the best sites to find current market price in India.

Paint Product Category

1. Interior Emulsion - Emulsions are water-soluble paints with vinyl and acrylic additives. These additives provide the necessary properties to the paint. Emulsions are most commonly used paints for interiors as they are low VOC, low odor and dry really fast. Also they are easy to work with for the painters. 

2. Exterior Emulsion - Emulsions are also used for exterior walls. They tend to be more durable and resistant to heat, rain / moisture and dust in the exterior environment. 

3. Enamel - These are hard, high gloss paints with very high durability. These are commonly used on wooden and metal surfaces. They are also used in areas which needs regular cleaning like kitchen, classrooms, dining halls and factory area. Enamels are commonly oil-based and so so take long time to dry.  

4. Wall Putty - Putty is thick mud-like material used for levelling the wall. It is also used for filling minor cracks and holes in the walls , before painting the wall. It also contains cement and acrylic for giving the form. After drying putty leaves a hard and plain surface with micro pores. Usually primer is applied on top of putty and then paint is applied. But in some cases putty surface can be left as is for a dull plain finish. 

5. Distemper  - This is one of the oldest paint form and is commonly called as cement paint and whitewash. There are various grades of it available and some of the varieties are available for very cheap rate. Unlike emulsions, which need a primer on top of the putty surface for binding, distempers can be directly applied.  Most builders leave the walls of their new project after doing whitewash, so that the owners of the house can choose the paint based on their choice of color and quality. Distemper walls in most cases is like a blank canvas. 

Asian Paints Branding & Product Listings

1. Tractor Paint Price - This is the economy range of product from Asian Paints. 

2. Apcolite Paint Price - This is the premium range of product from Asian Paints.

3. Royale Paint Price - This is the luxury range of product from Asian Paints.

Asian Paints Price based on finish and washability

Asian paints catalogue has so many paints and finishes that one may wonder where to start. They follow a multiproduct branding strategy. To help out a bit, we have tried to explain some of the categories for you. These are well known to savvy interior designers and architects. There are different types of finish which is available across the range of Asian paint products.

Matt Finish - This is a low shine finish and widely used for ceiling in India. Because of the low shine properties it is very well suited to hide any small imperfections on the wall. They usually give the most coverage and are easy to apply. Matt finish has a velvety touch and brings out the depth of the color used. 

EggShell Finish - As the name suggests, this finish resembles the top surface of an egg shell. These paints are usually more lustrous than Matt finish paints and are bit more durable as well.

Satin Finish -  These are the most common paint finish. They have a noticeable sheen and are easy to clean. Because of the high sheen, good craftsmanship is needed and wall undulations are visible. Touch-ups are also tricky.  

Semi-Gloss Finish and High Gloss Finish - These are shiny, reflective, and very durable paints. They need more layers than a Matt finish paint and need better preparation of the wall. So the painters need to be well trained to work with these paints. If not done properly, all the undulations and roller/ brush strokes will be visible. Due to the high sheen and nature of additives, they are also moisture resistant.  

The price of the paints also increases when you move from Matt to High Gloss Finish. Also one needs to consider the needs of the room. A busy room like the kitchen and maybe the kids room, may need a finish that is more durable (like the Satin and Glossy finish). Whereas your temple room and dining area can work with Matt and Eggshell finish. Once you have decided with the finish then the next activity is to pice color and shade, and Asian paints colour chart. And each color has so many shades, which are available in asian paints colour shades brochure. 

The finish of the wall does not depend on the color but primarily on the paint product itself. Depending on the type of finish, some colour are more suitable. Like other brands, Asian Paints offers multiple finish options for customers. For example, If you want silky smooth finish, Asian Paints' Royal Luxury Silk is a good option. But this cannot be achieved if the putty used below is of low quality (In this case it is preferred to use acrylic wall putty). So to achieve the desired Asian Paints finish, both the paint and the wall preparation is important and hence need to be considered in the budget. A good service partner understands the combinations and will provide correct estimates and recommendations. We pride in our recommendation quality and ensure that our customers are provided all the viable options within their budget constraints.

What is the difference between Asian Interior Paints and Asian Exterior Paints? 

As expected, there is large difference in price of paints for the two categories. And this is true for any global brand, the exterior paints are in general more costly as they have to prevail under tough conditions.

Interior walls have been the focus of attention compared to the exterior walls for ages. Off-late customers have realized the importance of exterior walls and are spending time and effort in making the decision involving outer wall painting. As the exterior walls are exposed to high variation of environmental conditions, the type of paint plays a very important role. The exterior paints are more durable than interior paints and usually needs more preparation work. Acrylic paints have become quite popular for exterior paints as they give good protection against changing weather conditions for extended period of time.

When it comes to price both interior and exterior paints have products across a large price range, so you may not get a like-to-like product for comparing the prices.  

Does the price of paint change across cities? Is Asian royale paint prices the same in Mumbai Vs Delhi ?

There is not a very large difference between the prices of paints across cities. Depending on the local usage, brands may promote certain products by way of discounts. Again this changes with time and season and is very brand specific. 

Having said that the price of a house painting project depends on many factors. Is it repainting or fresh painting? what is the condition of the wall? Wall Area or Carpet area and ceiling height. And finally what type of paint you want to use, what finish are you looking for?

Where can i get price list of Asian Paints products? Does Asian Paint price list keep changing?

Price hikes are not very common in the painting industry. The main raw material used for paint preparation is petroleum-based, so there is always variation in the prices. Most paint companies are able to observe these variations, by hedging their input prices. So depending on the input stock prices the future contracts are decided. Also companies like Asian Paints Ltd. have very good profit margin and cost of material is relatively small when compared to the selling price range. The above two factors helps keep the price of paint product quite stable. 

Asian Paints is the market leader as it maintains its product class and quality. So unless Asian Paints changes its prices, most of the other brands do not bring about large change to their products as well. 

How do i find out the paint color price for my paint? Is there a way to find colour wise rate of Asian Paints products? 

Asian Paint colour brochure is loaded with a very wide range of shades. The prices of these colors play a big role in the final price of the product. Some shades may add like 5% to the product cost, whereas some may add upto 150% on top of the base product (especially dark shades with yellow, magenta etc; but browns and blacks are cheaper) So it is important to have multiple options ready if you are very price-conscious. 

The color-wise price list is not readily available online and unlike stock prices these do not change a lot. There is one good source of this information. As a user you can download RangDe APP and check prices. The e-commerce option is currently open only for contractors and not for end customers. 

What are the different paints used for Exteriors painting? Asian Paints price list for Exterior paints. 

Asian Paints' product class is benchmarked across the painting industry and so has over the years developed many iconic brands like Royale, Tractor and Apcolite. All of them are market leaders and in a way set the price for the segment. You can refer to our price list for list of prices for all Asian Paints Ltd. and Berger Paint products. Be aware that these are only the prices for base of Asian paints colour, the price of the coloured product will depend on the shade your choose. Even though price hikes are not common, there may be current offers due to which some of the products may be available at different prices.

What are the different considerations for availing asian paints warranty?

There is a lot of online content on this topic. But is not explained is what are the conditions under which the warranty may be void. Asian Paints Ltd. is one of the favorite companies in India, as it has consistently grown and also because it has been able to maintain its leadership position in spite of many international brands coming to India.

Firstly warranty is provided if all the products used and genuine, all the prescribed process were followed and there is no defect in the wall due to which the painted surface has deteriorated. You need to be careful about adulterated form of paint. What is the impact? Like other products, mixing of paints and adulteration and thinning of paints is also a common practice. This is the reason why a good professional service partner is very important. Not using pure products will usually not show any difference at the start. Not all adultered products have poor stability and some may last few months before exposing the issue. Also most customers are unaware of the difference between paint finish and so cannot differentiate between a Luxury emulsion paint (Like Asian Paints Royale) and a premium emulsion paint (like Asian paints Apcolite premium emulsion). Many contractors may not be able to differentiate between Berger Enamel Paint and Asian Paints enamel paint, unless they start using it. At the end all are liquid paint and used boxes are abundantly available if someone wants to use it for fooling a customer. 

Companies does not honor the warranty if their prescribed process is not adhered to. Also the onus of correct paint purchase and following of correct painting process lies with the customer, as many a time the local contractors will not own up to their mistake. 

So be very aware when some contractors give you a low quotation. 

What all costs need to be considered for house painting. 

We have seen many customers going away from professional service provides and opting for local recommendations, fearing input cost inflation. Cost of your project is just not labour cost and material cost, but also cost of maintenance and cost of re-doing (in some cases).  

At the end this is a big problem for paint companies as well and paint industry in general, so they do take many measures to curb duplicate products. But the biggest effect will be on you as a consumer. So be aware while negotiating strongly with a local contractor, as the contractor never loses money and know-how to cut corners. Best is to go with a trusted partner like Freshhomez, who will ensure that no corners are cut in the execution of your home improvement project. Budget-friendly partners like FreshHomez will ensure premium services across all the stages of project execution. Also a good partner will inform you 

Apart from cost of regular wall preparation and painting, the prices for wall texture work is usually not known to many. This is a high skill job and depending on the texture the input cost and also labour cost vary. Check out our Texture range and give us a call for a quotation, we have technicians who are well trained to provide Asian Paints Texture works.  

For texture paints - Asian paint texture range is quite colorful. Royal play by Asian Paints Ltd. is exclusively used for generating texture effects. Otherwise most paints can be used for texture works. It is important to use slow-drying paints as texture work takes time and needs intervention at various stages of paint dryness.

Similar to texture work, stencil work also needs quality craftsman. Refer to our stencil works section to find out the latest works done by us. We also have trained workmen for providing Asian Paint stencil works. For stencil work first stencils needs to be purchased and Asian Paints Stencils are not readily available. We stock the most used stencils for easy availability. 

Best Asian paint wall design and asian paints wall designs prices

Asian Paints offers a lot of paints and lot of wall designs and hence is amongst our favourite companies. There is no one place to find the Asian Paints price list, because the company works through its dealers. In this page, we have listed most of their regular products to help the user browse and look up the information on the same. The product class of Asian Paints is well accepted as the best in the industry. These dealers compete with local contractors to get work. So a good dealer/ contractor will try to access your need and provide the best option within your budget.  A good dealer should also clearly explain the difference between various paints and their pro's and cons, so that one can decide on the final design based on the long term value of the product used. But make sure you approach professional painting contractors for best Asian Paints usage/application methods. 

Does the price of the product change with volume? Which colors are cheap and which are costlier? Are paints with more gloss costly?

Contact us for more details, as the answer to the above question is not straightforward.