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The choice of product is always a personal choice and also driven by budget. We will list few pointers. High sheen paints shine more and need a good wall preparation as minute imperfections will also show. Use the costly paint in focus areas and choose matt finish economy paints in other areas. It's very common in India to use matt finish paints for ceiling.

One needs high washability and stain resistance properties for kitchen, so choose paint with high gloss within your budget.

Distempers are Lime/ Chalk mixed with colouring pigments, glue and a solvent like water or oil. Distempers have very low life when compared to emulsions. They also do not have UV protection, are not washable and many a times have high VOC. Emulsion Paints are water based paints and comes in large range and different finishes. They also offer additional properties like dew resistance, UV protection, high washability, low VOC etc. They are much superior to Distempers and offers much longer life.

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