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The choice of product is always a personal choice and also driven by budget. We will list few pointers. High sheen paints shine more and need a good wall preparation as minute imperfections will also show. Use the costly paint in focus areas and choose matt finish economy paints in other areas. It's very common in India to use matt finish paints for ceiling.

One needs high washability and stain resistance properties for kitchen, so choose paint with high gloss within your budget.

Distempers are Lime/ Chalk mixed with colouring pigments, glue and a solvent like water or oil. Distempers have very low life when compared to emulsions. They also do not have UV protection, are not washable and many a times have high VOC. Emulsion Paints are water based paints and comes in large range and different finishes. They also offer additional properties like dew resistance, UV protection, high washability, low VOC etc. They are much superior to Distempers and offers much longer life.

The color consultation is absolutely free of cost

Berger Paint Price, Brand & Product Details

Berger Paints India along with Asian Paints are the two largest sellers of interior paints in India.

Berger Paint - Product Category

1. Interior Emulsion - Vinyl and acrylic additives-based water-soluble paints are called emulsions. Additives are compounds added to get certain properties, like slow drying, good spread, gloss, matte etc. . Emulsions have become the most used paints for interiors. In the past decade, all major brands including Berger Paints India have introduced low VOC variants for indoor usage. Berger Paints India Ltd is one of the pioneers in interior painting and the second-largest decorative paints player in India, Berger Emulsion are well accepted in the market. Berger Easy Clean and Berger Silk are among the most popular Interior Painting products offered by Berger Paints (India) Ltd.

2. Exterior Emulsion - For exterior walls exterior emulsion products are used. These need to be more durable and resilient to be able to endure heat, rain/ moisture, and dust of the exterior environment. Berger Weather Coat series by Berger is quite popular among outside wall paints. It forms a good protective coating for exterior walls. Another popular product is Berger Weathercoat Roof Guard

3. Enamels - If durability is the main factor that Enamels are the choice. Painting of wooden and metal surfaces is usually done by Enamels. They are also used in areas that need regular cleanings like the kitchen, classrooms, dining halls, and factory area. Most enamels are oil-based paints and so take a longer time to dry. The VOC content is also higher in solvent-based paints. The Luxol High Gloss Enamel offerings by Berger Paints India is quite popular in the market.

4. Wall Putty- A light brown mud-like material, which is used for leveling the wall is called putty. Once dried it forms a smooth and hard surface, which is ideal for painting. The putty surface has micro-pores which helps in good adhesion, primer is applied on top of the putty and then painting can be done for good solid painting work. Some customers also like the texture and feel of a putty work, so choose to leave the wall as is. Berger Paints India Ltd offers the Bison Wall Putty, which is very often paired with Berger's interior wall painting products.

Berger Paints - Key Product Listings

1. Berger Bison Acrylic Emulsion/ Bison Paint Price - This is the economy range of products from Berger Paints and is equivalent of Tractor Emulsion.

2. Rangoli Paint Price - This is the premium range of products from Beerger Paints India and is equivalent of Apcolite Emulsions of Asian Paints.

3. Silk and Easy Clean Paint Price - Berger luxury range of products from Berger Paints and its equivalent are the Royale series offered by Asian Paints.

Berger Paints Price based on finish and washability

Berger has many paints and many more finishes to offer for its customers. They follow a multiproduct branding strategy. To help out a bit, we have tried to explain some of the categories for you. The secrets know to savvy interior designers and architects is laid down below for easy consumption. One first needs to choose the type of finish they want.

Matt Finish- This finish has very low shine and is very popular to cover the ceilings in India. It is well suited to hide any small imperfections on the wall mainly because of its low shine properties. Always gives good coverage and are easy to apply. Some premium products with Matt finish has a velvety touch and are good in bringing out the depth of the color used.

EggShell Finish- As the name suggests, this finish resembles the top surface of an eggshell. Relative to the matt finish these paints are more lustrous and are usuallly more durable as well.

Satin Finish- The premium range of products comes in this finish. These paints have more sheen than the previously mentioned options, yet there are not very shiny. This is the reason for their popularity in India. A good painter is needed to handle these paints as wall undulations will be quite easily visible. Touch-ups are also tricky.

Semi-Gloss Finish and High Gloss Finish- These very durable range is quite shiny and reflective. They need more layers compared to a Matt finish paint. The wall preparation also needs to be good for these paints. A bad work will accentuate the wall defects further and may show the roller/ brush strokes. They are also moisture resistant, due to the high sheen properties.

Matt to Gloss finish will usually see an increase in price. Also one needs to consider the needs of the room. Kitchen and maybe the kids room usually demands a gloss finish due to the heavy traffic area and washability factor, whereas dineing and temple room may not need more than a Matt and Eggshell finish. Once you have decided with the finish then you can choose the color and the shade. Berger paints offers many colors. Berger Easy clean and Berger Silk are quite popular and offers many shaded of colors for its customers. Refer to this shade card here.

What is the difference between Berger Paints Interior Paints and Berger Exterior Paints?

There is a large difference in prices for the two categories. And this is true for any global brand. The exterior paints needs to weather tough conditions and so are costly.

Exterior walls are now gaining the same level of attention as Interior walls. Many customers are spending time and effort in choosing the right exterior paint as they have realized the importance of exterior walls. Exterior walls need to face the constant change of external conditions and many a times they influence the internal conditions of your homes. The exterior paints are more durable than interior paints and need more preparation work. Acrylic paints have over time become leaders in the space as they are able to give good protection over an extended period of time.

When it comes to price both interior and exterior paints have products across a large price range, so you may not get a like-to-like product for comparing the prices.

Does the price of paint change across cities? Is Berger paint prices the same in Mumbai Vs Delhi ?

The prices do not vary much across cities. But volume does drive price down, so you may see some areas where some products are popular and those will be selling at lower prices. Discount on products are very brand specific and varies with seasons.

Multiple factors influence price of a house painting project. Is it repainting or fresh painting? what is the condition of the wall? Wall Area or Carpet area and ceiling height. And finally what type of paint you want to use, what finish are you looking for?

Also there is a price variation based on the color of paint chosen. The reds and violets are quite costly and hence many painters may not suggest them as options. Do check our latest wall color combination page before finalizing your Berger paint color combination.

Where can i get price list of Berger Paints products? Does Berger Paints price list keep changing?

Price increases are not common in the industry. Asian paints is the price setter especially for the interior paints market and usually other brands follow asian paints in benchmarking and changing their own prices. Petroleum products are the main raw material used for paint preparation, so there is always variation in the prices. Most paint companies get into long term contracts for their paint ingredients and so is able to observe these price fluctuations. Also, paint companies have good profit margins and the cost of materials is relatively small as a percentage of selling price. The above two factors help keep the price of paint product quite stable.

Berger Paints is the second largest paints company and it maintains its product class and quality.

Is there a way to find colour wise rate of Berger Paints products?

Berger Paints colour brochure is loaded with a very wide range of shades. The prices of colors do play a role in the final price of the project. Shades can add from 5% to 150% to the product cost (especially dark shades with yellow, magenta etc; but browns and blacks are cheaper). A price conscious customer should be ready with multiple options.

The color-wise price list is not readily available online and unlike stock prices these do not change a lot. There is one good source of this information. As a user you can downloadRangDe APPand check prices. The e-commerce option is currently open only for contractors and not for end customers.

What are the different paints used for Exteriors painting? Asian Paints price list for Exterior paints.

Asian Paints' product class is benchmarked across the painting industry and so has over the years developed many iconic brands like Royale, Tractor and Apcolite. All of them are market leaders and in a way set the price for the segment. You can refer to our price list for list of prices for all Asian Paints Ltd. and Berger Paint products. Be aware that these are only the prices for base of Asian paints colour, the price of the coloured product will depend on the shade your choose. Even though price hikes are not common, there may be current offers due to which some of the products may be available at different prices.

What are the different considerations for availing warranty from Berger Paints India ?

Warranty is only provided if genuine material is used and required painting process followed. Additionally any failure of product due to the health of the wall is not covered by warranty. Take extra care to not take adulterated form of paint. Its a common practice of paints mixing and adulteration with thinning material etc. So sourcing products from a good job is a must. This is the reason why a good professional service partner is very important. For a customer it is very difficult to identify the genuine material from adulterated paint. Most mixed paints do last for months before showing any effect. Most customers are unaware of the finer difference between different paints. Its difficult to see the paint and identify if it is Berger Easy Clean or Berger Silk. All are liquid paints and used boxes are available for fooling customers.

Companies will not provide warranty if painting process is not properly followed or if the wall condition is not good. It is the customers responsibility to be aware, as many a time the local contractors will not own up to their mistake.

So be very aware when some contractors give you a low quotation, as a contractor will always make his money, you might be the end looser of getting a good deal.

What all costs need to be considered for house painting.

We come across many customers who think that painting is a simple process and decide on the service provider based on the quotation value. Many do not add cost of maintenance and cost of re-doing (in some cases) to the project cost.

Paint adulteration is a big problem for paint companies as well, so they do take many measures to curb duplicate products, so as long as a good reputable service provider is chosen - customers can be comfortable in getting a good outcome for their home improvement project. Be well aware while negotiating strongly with a local contractor, as the contractor never loses money and knows how to cut corners to make the returns he deserves. A trusted partner like Freshhomez will ensure that no corners are cut in the execution of your home improvement project and all processes and product options are well laid out. At FreshHomez we pride ourselves to offer budget friendly painting services and offer premium services across all the stages of project execution.

The prices for wall texture work is not common knowledge and many use this as a opportunity to make money. Texture making is a high-skill job, so along with higher labor cost its input cost is also high and vary a lot depending on the design. Check out our texture range and give us a call for a quotation, we have technicians who are well trained to provide most texture works.

Stencil work also needs quality craftsman, just like texture work. Refer to our stencil works section to find out the latest works done by us. We also have trained workmen for providing Asian Paint stencil works. For stencil work first stencils needs to be purchased and Asian Paints Stencils are not readily available. We stock the most used stencils for easy availability and also have tie ups with stencil manufacturers.

Also Berger paint 1 liter price will be higher than Berger paint 5 liter price per unit

Best Berger paints wall design and Berger paints wall designs prices

Berger Paints offers many paints and designs and hence is amongst the most loved companies of India. Berger Paints price list is not available online as it sells through its dealer network. Our online content has listed prices for the fast moving products to help the user browse and look up the information on the same. The product class of Berger Paints is well accepted as the best in the industry. A good service provider will have updated information on pricing of the product. When contacted we can provide updated price information in our quotation. Contact us for more details. We regularly post on latest house renovation ideas.