Quick repainting for a new Andheri apartment

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In a bustling city like Mumbai, despite the lack of euphoria in real estate market, new apartments continue to be built and bought, round the season. Once provided possession, home-interiors become a huge challenge for families. While, full home-interior is a separate topic, here we will highlight a repainting options and about our recent site at Chakala, Andheri.


After spending a huge-sum on high-value new construction property in Andheri, our customer was looking to save some money on painting and interiors. We at FreshHomez are very practical and flexible in catering to customer’s needs. On inspecting the property, contrary to our usual experience, we found the walls in great shape - since we offered to do repainting we saved the customer roughly one-third the normal cost!


The customer was elated - the family wanted a fresh coat of paint just to add colours and customize it to their liking. And, now with the additional saving, they invested in latest designer textures in each of their rooms. We at FreshHomez were fully game ;)


The client was so-pleased with FreshHomez service, they wanted us to help with highlighting their walls with latest texture designs.

They considered metallic wall textures and royale play Infinitex textures. However, the daughter of the house took the final decision to go with saffron color and Dune texture design.


The entire painting process took under a week to complete including the designer textures; and at substantial cost saving to the customer. That’s a sure win-win situation.


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