Quick Colorful Painting at Rahatani

Swapna Sankul, Maharani

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4.8/5 Rating


It was an amazing experience with Freshhomez for home painting. This Diwali was truly very colorful and fresh for us due to services provided by Freshhomez. Labours are very helpful, skilled and having very polite.They listens whatever the requirements and work accordingly without hesitant. Cleaning after the painting also very well as we don't have to look into it after their cleaning. Only suggestion over here is need to visit actual site for color code selection as booklet is not giving actual idea of what color will look like on the wall. Apart from this we are very much satisfied with all the services, work done by the Freshhomez. Special thanks to Mr.Amod for all your support, and guidance. Thanks to Mr. Sunil for wonderful texture work. Last but not the least Mr. Munna painter for painting, cleaning and quality of the work.Truly amazing.

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