Frequently Asked Questions

Making the first payment is the first step. It can be done by using the Pay Now button available on your mail as well as your quotation.

The payment terms are mentioned in the quotation. We believe in matching your payments with our expenses. So 40 percent in requested in advance, next 50 percent when roughly half the work is completed and the last 10 percent once the project has been handed over to your as per your satisfaction.

Payment can be made by using the Pay Now button available on your mail as well as your quotation.

Some tips. Use primer. Use waterproof putty. Use crack filler during wall preparation. Prepare the wall well with good putty and crack filler and sand for good smooth finish. Wait for the prescribed duration between different coats and make sure good dryness was achieved before the nest coat is applied.

Satin enamels give fabric like sheen, while high gloss enamels are more shiny.

1. Matte Finish, 2. Semi Gloss / Satin /Soft Sheen Finish, 3. High Gloss / Super Sheen / Silky Finish.

Different products are meant to last different time. Economy or premium emulsion lasts 3-4 years and luxury emulsions like Royal Luxury lasts 7 to 8 years.

There are some steps which are common. Like covering the furniture before starting work and cleaning the house at the end of the painting work. It's important that proper material is used for covering, so that existing furniture is not damaged. The usual painting process involves 1.Preparing the walls (making them even and smooth) with 1-2 coats of putty, 2. Applying primer for increasing life of paint, 3. Applying multiple layers of top coat (depends on the paint you used and the darkness needed).