Frequently Asked Questions

A good blend of positive color shades that you like across the house, along with some textures, wall stencils and good lighting.

Yes, certainly. While office decor is sobre and minimalistic, house painting design can be more vibrant and reflect your taste and persona

On this page, you will find 200+ wall painting images for inspiration. Separately, we have sections for wall texture designs and wall stencil designs too. Further more, inspiration ideas are available on leading brand sites like asian paints or benjamin moore

Some tips. Use primer. Use waterproof putty. Use crack filler during wall preparation. Prepare the wall well with good putty and crack filler and sand for good smooth finish. Wait for the prescribed duration between different coats and make sure good dryness was achieved before the nest coat is applied.

Satin enamels give fabric like sheen, while high gloss enamels are more shiny.

1. Matte Finish, 2. Semi Gloss / Satin /Soft Sheen Finish, 3. High Gloss / Super Sheen / Silky Finish.

Different products are meant to last different time. Economy or premium emulsion lasts 3-4 years and luxury emulsions like Royal Luxury lasts 7 to 8 years.

There are some steps which are common. Like covering the furniture before starting work and cleaning the house at the end of the painting work. It's important that proper material is used for covering, so that existing furniture is not damaged. The usual painting process involves 1.Preparing the walls (making them even and smooth) with 1-2 coats of putty, 2. Applying primer for increasing life of paint, 3. Applying multiple layers of top coat (depends on the paint you used and the darkness needed).

Wall Painting Designs For Every Room And Occasion

We at FreshHomez pride ourselves in providing up-to-date wall painting design ideas for our customers. It can be daunting for you to choose between the valley of yellows or the ocean of blues and that is where we come in to help and guide you with the latest paint design ideas. Our moto is to provide designs for living and for every occasion. 

Every individual is different, then why do all homes look similar with just whites and cremes. Some like complementary shades and others love ageless designs. But are hesitant to experiment without expert guidance. Your homes are an extension of your personality and taste. Decorating a homes needs to start with the wall ideas and false ceiling design. For example the ceiling need not be four straight lines, but a beautiful design inspired by your imagination.

Our at home consultation services will give your options to choose from, let it be blank wall or pre-painted wall, all options will be covered. Not all designs for bedrooms are same, all living room wall need not look the same. Few are for you and others are not. We understand this and so we have processes to shortlist and provide the best options which are relevant to the individuality of each customer and their requirement. Additionally type of paint dictates the type of designs that can be used. All these considerations needs to be married properly for a good end result. 


Where To Find The Best Resources For Your Paint Design Ideas

The task can be daunting, as in today's world it is very difficult to build trust. We understand this and work to give peace of mind for our customers. What we promise is what will be delivered. Our endless list of client testimonials are a proof of our execution skills where blank wall and white wall were transformed using beautiful wall paint ideas.

So say good-bye to boring walls and allow us to take care of your entire house. We start with providing wall paint ideas based on your budget. Our visiting consultants are well trained and are regularly updated on the latest trends.  

Trust is earned by giving the right advice. Unlike what most believe, the difference in price between a cream color and a blue color may be as low as 5% to your total project cost. So difference in price is not always a true reason for choosing bright whites and cream shades in your walls. 

Also it is very important to use genuine products from the best brands to ensure that your paint designs last long. Our quality checks are comprehensive, which is a must for a professional execution. Even the small details are checked, for example we ensure that the vertical lines are always straight lines. Different designs need different levels of artistic skills and craftmanship, also application and curing time changes with type of paint and brands. All such considerations needs to be closely monitored for a good end product.  

On time project completion is a very important metric that we regularly monitor as it impacts the customer satisfaction a lot. It is very important to make a good project estimate and provide minimum time estimate to the customer and then achieve on time project completion. 


Beautiful Wall Painting Ideas 101

Simple wall painting, by itself is an easy activity - anyone with the right tools and right materials can paint their walls and get a reasonably good finish.

What is more difficult is to plan everything around it. Right from timing, pricing, designs, colors, brands, products and the contractors. At FreshHomez we will try to cover each of these in detail so that you are fully knowledgeable and make the perfect plan  and execute it to perfection.

A wall needs to provide a perfect backdrop for your interiors and the colors should match your taste. Some people are adopting the minimalist trends while others are opting for extravagant designs. In our experience a combination of neutral color and customers favorite color usually gets selected. 

10 Popular Paint Designs For Walls 

Paint for walls provides the finishing touch to your space be it home or office. Below, you will see simple wall paint to

1. Light-shade design - works well when the wall has obstructing beams or seams making it difficult to add any particular design to it. Combining with wooden or glass shelves, you could create a beautiful show piece section here. Even otherwise, clear blank walls painted with high pigment paints exude a soft shine and finish that lends a house clean and rich look

2. Deep-shade design - when used sparingly can act as a highlight wall in an otherwise house with light-shade walls. Among thousands of shades your contractor professional will show you on a color fandeck, typically the shades at the bottom of the card will have the dark shade paint colors. When coupled with the right colors, this indeed can generate a healthy mood and a joyful vibe in the house.

3. Wall texture designs - a popular choice where two or three colored design wall paint with high viscosity are used in multiple layers and innovative techniques to create a completely new design. A gazillion options exist including metallic designs, stone pattern, honeycomb pattern etc. depending on pigment material used. Use a metallic paint to create that subtle shine that makes the wall glitter in different angles. This is particularly best suited as designs for hall and pooja room.

4. Stucco marble designs - a must-have in hotels where the architect does not even tolerate the line of joint between two marbles; marble paint or stucco paint based marble design is extremely popular. While slightly on the expensive side, the elegant lines, edges and finish that stucco marble paint provides is irresistible

5. Geometric wall designs - is the most trending design theme in the cities these days. Here the house-owner and the painting contractor can decide on the design & the shade and execute it with skillful use of taping and masking. Whether you desire random lines or parallel lines or abstract lines, everything is the realm of possibility. Since this does not use expensive paint but just the creativity of the home-owner and skill of the contractor, these designs work out to be cheaper. This playful wall painting design is must have for every house who desire to exhibit their individuality

6. High-sheen wall paint designs - tricky to execute but are worth the extra care and effort. High sheen paints offer an extra touch of radiance to the walls and are truly mesmerizing. However, the walls need to be exceptionally straight and levelled. Not all painters are able to do that. In fact, we at FreshHomez, employ specially trained team to execute the levelled walls and then get painters to smoothen the walls with purpose made putty and then paint the walls with high-sheet paints. Try this and you wont regret it!

7. Faux-brick wall - another popular choice to get a earthen finish. Can be executed either with textured cement putty or with pop, this wall idea has a timelessness to it and will keep you warm and content for a long time

8. Writable wall designs - for those particularly demanding situations like in kids-rooms, work-from-home study areas or even in kitchen nooks, if you wish to write or doodle; and then have the wall erasable, writable wall designs help. This can be executed in two varieties, one a chalkboard wall writable with chalk (comes in multiple colors) and another is specialized high gloss sol-gel coating writable with market pens. 

9. Stencil painting design - whether the style you seek is religious or nature loving or for kids-use, stencil wall ideas can cater to every demand and mood. Here, stencils of desired design is cut out of plastic sheets; and paint is dabbed on the wall with the stencil as a filter. Thereby, imparting the design onto the plain wall. There are a ton of ready to order designs available on Amazon or can be easily procured and brought to you by our painting contractors

10. Wallpaper - wall ideas are never complete without mentioning wall papers. Again customers are spoilt for choice here; but you will be well-advised to give special attention to the type of material used - from belgian non-woven paper to chinese pvc there are a dozen materials available. And price varies significantly. As a specialized made-to-order service, we can provide customized wall papers, they could be a print of your favorite photographs or special 3D design from the internet, we can deliver.


Don't Limit Your Wall Ideas to white and creams

Do you know why most walls in the hall are colored white or cream. Can we have Blue Walls, if yes then which Blue tone ? Does Brown Walls look good ? Can we pull off Dark Color on our walls ? Or should we just go with the safe colors? You can never go wrong with white and creams, or can you? There are many of us who will try to explore different wall color combinations and resign to simple wall paint because they are unable to finalize the colors.

We at FreshHomez will ensure that you are not one among many, that your paint for walls reflects your personality, that your walls are not left white for the lack of effort. We ensure that our clients are provided all the latest paint design ideas with their favourite colors - Bright white or mint green or pearl mist, none will be left to be staid grey wall or dark walls. The best place to start is to see what other like minded FreshHomez customers are choosing - which can be seen in the images above on this webpage.

We also help the customers visualize the new colors combinations by providing computer generated visualization of your living space with new colors, albeit not real-time. Let your not be white walls and white ceiling, allow us to bring a bit more color into your homes. Let us be your partner, our design moto is: Designs for Living


Designs for living room cannot be the same as designs for bedrooms

Wall paint ideas needs to be different for different rooms, just like the purpose of each room is different. Let it be a Living room, Bedroom, Kids room, Kitchen, Dining room, each room needs its own design. The designs for living room needs to be personal and white wall is not a design.

For example Living room design is very important as for outsiders it is a extension of your personality. Similarly, choosing color options for your bedroom walls is a very important task as it is usually a place of relaxation and happiness. A peaceful environment is key to keeping a happy mind.  Under our moto: Designs for Living we ensure that all your spaces are designed as per your living style and as per your budget. 

The intricacies are important, for example blank walls are beautiful in themselves if finished properly and when combined with good wall designs make a statement. So are white walls better than blank walls? maybe not. A good wall painting design is important as it helps in elevating your furniture and décor of your home. The right paint color needs to be chosen keeping the other decor and the type of room in mind. Allow us to help you in choosing good options for your living room walls and let's move away from blank wall. 


Choosing the Right Wall Paint Design and Color for your living space

Today customers have millions of choices w.r.t colors and designs. This is a double edged sword as most people are not sure how to choose between different paint colors shades for different rooms in their house painting project. And usually end up making the easy choice of not changing the colors or going for the white and creams. Painting your space be it home or office can be a bit intimidating. Especially if you want to do it right - yes, it pays to be slightly paranoid.

We focus on providing best painting ideas designed with your thoughts at the center. For example, modern home interiors uses a simple yet powerful design for your living room walls is to paint one of them in a different color. The difference then lies in what is the design and color of that one highlighted wall. Depending on the decor complementary shades are shortlisted by our experts in such cases. 

Color needs to be suggested based on the personality of the home owner. For example, some people associate warm walls with calmness and so we suggest them orange, yellow shades for their bedroom walls.


Wall paint designs - Ready referral guide by FreshHomez

Our recent projects section above gives hand picked house paint design ideas which have been appreciated by our clients. 

Browsing through our Wall Painting Ideas section will give you updated ideas for all your rooms. Be it the sophistication needed for your living room or the playfulness needed in the designs of kids room. It also provides the product used for creating the wall paint design idea , e.g Asian Paints Aspira range for textured finish. Some of you may be into pastel shades while others maybe into muted options. 

Design elements are changing in metropolitan cities and customers are quite often bold in their design expectations. Depending on the customers needs we can provide special options. For example textured reds can provide a touch of intrigue. Mixing some bright color together can provide funky vibe to the room. Similarly copper and darker shade in metallic colors can be used for rustic vibe. Along with colors various design tricks and textures with sleek lines can be used to fulfill the artistic skills of the designer.  

Sit back and relax and let the experts guide you through this journey. All walls need not be white walls and allow us to transform your entire house with the help of wall colors. 


Paint Design for Walls - the first step

House painting design is as simple as one wants it to be and can be as complex and daunting if there is no direction. Wall Ideas are truly boundless and are only limited by your imagination. 

Each room has a different purpose and so needs a different design and color. And the availability of many house paint colors makes the work of finalizing which color to use a good challenge to have. What needs to be kept in mind is that each color arouses different emotion and hence can affect your mood. Every color evokes different feelings. Colors can make us feel happy or sad, and they can make us feel hungry or relaxed. Hence it is very important to understand the home owner and their color association and not get swayed by enthusiastic house painters who invariably suggests same house paint design to everyone.

Color selection hence should be done in consultation with the home owner keeping in mind the house spaces. For example, for bedrooms a color which can evoke mood for comfort should be used and for living room walls should be designed to evoke mood warmth and hospitality.  House colour combination is a reflection of owners personality and color association. 


A beginner's guide to painting house

Just starting to think of painting your house for the upcoming holiday season can be a bewildering experience for many. There is a lot to choose from in terms of color and also there is a huge price range when it comes to products.  So how to choose ? Will it be a simple requote of old paint without changing any design ? Or should you change to some contemporary design and give a fresh feel to your home ? To help you through all the above questions, here is our two cents on the topic. 

Open any relevant website, or visit any design shop, an you will be be loaded with multiple options to choose from - bright colors, dull colors, designs, textures, stencils, type of paint - there has never been so much to confuse. And it isn't just different designs and brands. Every year a new theme and new type of paint is introduced with their own shades. Do you hate smells ? There is a paint for you. Do you like high sheen ? There is another paint for you. Do you want paint to write on or for your children to draw using markers? Again there are products for that. You want a relaxing environment? There is some designs just for you. You want a party place? There are many designs for you. But what if you are just not one of the above, the task becomes daunting. 

It was not always like this. In recent past, a home owner used to choose a light shade (out of the thousands of shades available) and get this house painted to get the contemporary lift. And used to be happy about it. The need for matching everything and making every choice in life personal has made it difficult to choose. Today a home painting has become a personal choice, it displays the status, wealth and aspiration of the owners family. How your home looks is now part of your personal achievement.

This is where home wall design professionals like us come in. We understand what is working for others, we understand different personality of people and what colors they would like, we understand which type of paint works, we understand the budget and many more. We understand if shades of honeycomb needs to be used or green paint can be used. Paint color ideas are tough because of the large number of choices. So what do we do, we remove choices. It can be counterintuitive, but that is what we do. We narrow down your choices and help you achieve a dream home!