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Stencils are a cost effective way to decorate your wallls. Stencil are pre-cut shapes which help in making a shape repeatedly on the wall. It is something that lot of modern households do it on their own as a fun family activity.

It depends on the quality of wall and the type of job you are looking for. Repainting a 2BHK takes ~ 3 -5 days, fresh painting takes an additional 2-3 days. Stencil work usually takes one additional day. Texture design takes 1-2 days depending on the amount of colors used, layers needed and complexity

Wall Stencil Designs

Wall Paint Stencils Designs For Interior Wall Painting

The easiest way to make plain walls attractive is by using stencil designs on it. There are many wall stencil patterns and what one chooses depends on their personality and individual choices. Wall stencils are tools for repeating paint patterns on walls.

Latest Stencil design

Decorative stencils have become a common sighting nowadays. As it is an easy way to make walls beutiful. It is an easy way to get the beautiful design of your choice on your wall. There are many stencils that have seen wide adoption.
1. Flowers and branch wall design stencils for living room, cactus pattern wall stencil, leaf pattern wall stencil, leaves pattern wall stencil
2. Gods stencils, especially Ganeshji, Ganpati wall stencil, Krishna and Buddha stencils
3. Butterflies and birds
4. Fruits - such as pineapple pattern wall stencil
5. Patterns, such as fern pattern wall stencil, forest pattern wall stencil, geometric pattern wall stencil
6. Landscapes, such as mountain silhouette landscape wall stencils
7. General natural pattern stencils, such as mud cloth pattern wall, wool pattern, fern pattern wall stencil

The brick wall design, which is quite popular is in reality a type of stencil design. The brick wall stencil is made by the technician using cardboard so that the size of boxes is kept common across the wall. Also called the cement tile stencil wall, the brick wall design is very good to look at if done properly. For a compiled list of most commonly used stencil designs. Also, check out this Facebook post for festive stencil designs.

Stencils - Buy Stencils Online vs Hire a Specialized Technician for the Stencil Work

There are many re-usable stencils available on online portals like Amazon and Flipkart. These are easy to install pastable stencils which can be reused if peeled properly. Note the following pointers when using reusable stencil patterns.
1. The wall paint quality needs to be very good.
2. Use over high gloss paint to the extent possible
3. Ensure that primer was used before painting - this ensures good binding
4. There are many cases of paint peeling if the above guidelines were not followed.

The recurring pattern stencil should not be attempted on a DIY basis, these are special stencils that should be handled by professionals. These stencils usually cover the entire wall and need to be repeated over and over again for complete effect. They also need precise placement and some experience and learning, hence advised to employ only a trained painter for the execution of such designs.

There are many DIY kits available for simple yet beautiful designer stencils in different colors. These are good ways of adding color to plain walls and showcasing your interests and personalities. Having said that, not all stencil designs are the same. When done properly stencils for walls can be an alternative to custom wall textures.

Different Types of Wall Stencils, Wall Stencils for Painting, Large Stencils, Wallpaper

Stencil templates are usually made of thin plastic material, for rigidity and durability. This template needs to be kept fixed on the wall and fixed in its place so that the template does not move while painting. Once fixed in its place the paint is applied to get the desired designer stencil on your wall.

Stencils for wall are of many types. We have the independent type which can be used at any place on the wall. Then we have the recurring continuous stencils, where the same pattern is repeated again and again to cover the whole/ large portion of the wall. A design with multiple colors comes with different pattern for different color. And each color needs to be applied when the right pattern is placed.

Multi color stencil designs again needs to be handled by experienced painters. Such works also take more time as in most cases each color needs to dry complete before application of the next color is possible.

Advantages of Wall stencil designs for every occasion

When done properly a wall stencil can transform blank wall into beautiful wall art. But if not handled properly, you don't get a beautiful wall design, but instead, a spoilt wall, which may need repainting. So always show patience when handling and doing wall stencils.

There are quite a few options of attractive wall stencils for your blank walls. Designer wall stencil has become quite popular and customers are getting more and more informed with time to be able to understand and appreciate the advantages of stencil designs on wall. Firstly stencil designs are much cheaper than texture painting/wallpaper designs. Also in many cases, you do not need to color the whole wall, so it can be more economical than painting your whole wall. DIY wall designs are also becoming popular, which gives a sense of achievement and ownership to the owner of the house.