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Frequently Asked Questions

These are set of products which can be applied on a regular wall and it transforms into a writable and erasable surface. There are many options, like white board, black board, clear board etc.

Yes. One can sandout the top layer and follow standard repainting process

Magnetic affect is derived by primer. So it is below the top paint surface. So any paint can be used over the primer and magnetic effect will be available.

What is Write Erase Paint

Erase paint is actually a coating that is a 2-part formula mix, that is, when mixed and applied properly, will transform just about any wall or surface into a dry erase (write erase) board-like surface. It is an amazing alternative to traditional large boards, which can be bulky, big and very expensive. There are many benefits of adopting such coatings, as they help in utilizing the wall and table or desk space at affordable prices, in a way they blend your surrounding surfaces into your work space. Erase paint is also known as dry erase paint, marker board paint, and dry erase board paint surface coating.

How does dry erase paint work?

Mix the two-part formula, and paint your surface by rolling on with a premium-grade microfiber roller for the best results. It is magic and the surprising end result when, after applying a classic whiteboard paint coating, that you can take your favorite colored dry erase markers and begin writing on your smooth surface as if it was a traditional erase. All that is needed after painting is sufficient time to dry.

Tips for applying write erase paint or whiteboard paints

Smooth painted walls erase better just like a white board

The smoother and more even your wall is to the touch, the more easily it can be written on and erased after the application of the premium whiteboard paint. So a good surface preparation is essential before applying dry erase paint

Use the right tools for the erase paint application

At the time of installing the erase paint, be certain to make use of a full-sized 9” microfiber paint roller sleeve with a 1/4″ or 3/8″ nap, and not a 4” mini roller sleeve.

Prep your paint roller before applying erase paint

Before installing the erase paint, the ideal process is to get rid of any surplus lint from your paint roller by wrapping it with two-inch masking tape in a spiral motion from top to bottom, which makes sure to wrap every bit of the roller cover dining spaces.

A white board wall must start with a pure white base coat 

The traditional whiteboards version of the top-quality erase paint has to be installed over a substrate of no color other than true white. If other colors are present as base coats, when the white paint is applied, an irregular appearance may result after the paint has cured, thus making your dry erase entire surface less visually appealing and possibly harder to use.

The clear write erase paint can be applied over any painted surface.

Surprising Advantages Of Erase Paint

Erase paint saves smooth surface space

Erase paint helps to saves space in a commercial building. A traditional erase board is erected every time it is in use, but write erase paint is a space saver that requires no physical installation.

It also has unlimited sizing. Instead of spending lots of money on a standard six-by-four dry erase surface in an unflattering frame, paint a erase as small or big as you need it, and get rid of the clunky aluminum wheels and frame items.

Write Erase paint is eco-friendly and safe.

When a traditional dry erase space is too old or beaten up, it goes into the trash to make room for a new erase board. Erase paint helps to solve this environmental problem by lasting for more than a decade after a single coat.

It is water-based product and so has very low level of VOCs. This means that it is eco-friendly and non-harmful to users. Unlike oil-based paint, erase paint does not cause headaches, nausea, or dizziness upon inhalation because it is virtually odorless.

Erase paint is versatile.

Conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms, and daycares all benefit from erase paint. it is great to draw graphs, statistics, mathematics or imaginative drawings, grocery shopping lists and many more. Kids can find many more applications.

Erase paint applies to nearly every surface.

Erase paint is a coating that is applied to any smooth finish, paintable whiteboard surface. It is even applied to drywall, metal, plaster, tile and some other surfaces. Some erase paints are ready to use within two days of application, while others take up a week for the best results.

Erase paint isn’t like other paints.

Erase paint comes in clear or white. If you would like a white finish dry erase board, use the white erase paint over a painted white substrate.

If you would like a colored dry erase board, use the clear erase paint over a previously painted colored substrate. Most erase paint works best as a coating to latex paint in a semi-gloss sheen or satin.

If you no longer want the dry erase board or wall, just paint over it like any other painted wall, with any color or type of paint. Lightly sand the writing surface, paint and prime.

Erase paint doesn’t ghost.

Ghosting is a common issue with the erases. It is when you write or draw something on the board, erase it, and a dark stain remains. It is unsightly and difficult to read when drawing or writing over it. High-quality erase paint does not ghost or leave smudges behind.

Erase paint is tech-savvy.

This texture paint adopts new latest technology. This allows you to use both products and stream whatever you are writing or drawing on the board to an online audience, as well as sync it to the smart applications.

Erase paint is a smarter erasable surface. It is a creative space saver compared to the traditional erases, and it is more eco-friendly, lasts longer and does not create toxic fumes. Within a few periods of days, erase paint is ready to use on nearly any surface in any commercial setting. With the more vivid colors and easier cleaning, it is the painting solution for the future.