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The choice of product is always a personal choice and also driven by budget. We will list few pointers. High sheen paints shine more and need a good wall preparation as minute imperfections will also show. Use the costly paint in focus areas and choose matt finish economy paints in other areas. It's very common in India to use matt finish paints for ceiling.

One needs high washability and stain resistance properties for kitchen, so choose paint with high gloss within your budget.

Distempers are Lime/ Chalk mixed with colouring pigments, glue and a solvent like water or oil. Distempers have very low life when compared to emulsions. They also do not have UV protection, are not washable and many a times have high VOC. Emulsion Paints are water based paints and comes in large range and different finishes. They also offer additional properties like dew resistance, UV protection, high washability, low VOC etc. They are much superior to Distempers and offers much longer life.

The color consultation is absolutely free of cost

90+ Wall Colour Combination for 2024 | Stunning Paint Colours For Your Room

Now that you've gone through our list of the top 90 coolest color combinations of 2023, we are excited to know how creatively you are going to use them in your home - may be in the living room, bedroom or even in your office. Let us go over some theory to get a solid understanding.

How to choose wall color scheme for your home, which colours will suit your design needs?

Similarly living space too needs to be designed with individual preference in mind. The entire space needs be designed and the color pairings chosen with the owners in mind. It is very common to choose a two color combination for your living room walls. Or one wall done up as an assent wall with a deeper shade or texture paint.

Overview of paint colors for your space

Paint colors for your personal space is an intimate decision.  room colour also serves a specific purpose. While a color consultant can understand your requirement and assist you, in this article you will find enough information to do it yourself. Bright colors are good to stimulate the senses & are good for homes with kids - hence some pop of color is good for an active home. Cool tones tend to calm the mind and lend a larger space feeling. Gray walls, when done right, add a premium atmosphere. Pastel shades lend a unique mediterranean design.

Are you ready to select the perfect color for your house?

Choosing a colour palette and colour combinations for your home is quite a daunting task for most new house owners. There are 12 main colors on the color wheel, but there are numerous shades available for each color. This only makes the task ever more taxing. Can we have pink walls ? Is a pastel colour theme considered modern ? Which shade of blue looks good, cool blue or royal blue ? Colors effect individuals at sub-conscious level, so choosing colors for your entire house is an important activity. To make the work a little easier for you, we are providing some general tips to help you in deciding the colors and color combinations.

To start with, refine your colour ideas by choosing your favorite colors and then look for colour combinations:

1. Blue tones for your home walls

The most abundant color around us arouses the right emotions in us. Most associate blue paint with cool, freshness and calmness. Warmer tones of blue when paired with clean white gives a good cozy feel for your bedrooms. The crisp white color contrasts well with warmer blue tones like royal blue and indigo to make a beautiful combination. Light blue color also combines well with yellow tones for happy vibes and can be used in children bedroom walls as well for living room theme. There is a good reason for blue being a favorite color for most when it comes to home wall painting.

2. Earthly tones

If you are planning to use wooden floor, then brown and cream is a great combination for your bedrooms. Another popular earthly tone combination is lime green and earthy tones of pink. This combination too is quite suitable for kids bedroom walls as it tends to refresh your mood. Most associate green color with freshness, fun and nature. So green combinations are right for kids room.

3. Jewel tones enhance your space

These are richly saturated tones which are visible on colored jem stones like emerald, sapphire and ruby. Because of their bright nature the usage can be seen in rich and royal themes. Gold color complements jewel tone very well. Beige tones also mix well with gold and jewel tones. These special tones are often seen in pooja rooms to enhance the space

4. Neutral colors

Also one can choose neutral colour like using different grey shades with each other. Grey color combines well with different shades of itself to give a modern look. This combination is usually used in bedrooms for a classy feel and workspaces to arouse calm mood. Similarly light and deep shade of brown look great for living room walls. Warm neutral shade combinations are always an excellent choice for your living room.

5. White walls for backdrop

Along with cream, white color has been the most used wall paint color in india. The budget was one of the main reason for this choice. Second being not able to make a choice. We now understand that there are lot of shades in white from basic whites to bright whites and that they combine differently with different colors. 

6. Purple color scheme for luxurious atmosphere

Different shades of purple combine well together for a luxurious look. This is in the nature of purple to combine well with itself to provide the rich look for a bedroom decor. Use a deep purple shade with a light purple shade to create this nice tone which is not very commonly used.

7. Pastel tones (soft pinks, lime green)

The light pink shades and blues are usually called pastel colours. These usually form the background and provide calming feeling. These are usually used in combination with deeper shades for making great colour combinations. Light blue-green aqua tones are getting quite popular for children rooms. Aqua blue also combines well with cream for a comfortable living room setting. You will see this combination in beach houses and massage get-aways.

8. Orange wall ideas | which color combines well with orange color?

Orange and its shades have become quite popular in home wall painting. In a way orange color played a major role in changing the color pallete of most home owners from white, cream and grey. You will see a lot of homes with cream and white walls and a shade of orange accenting one wall. Its a great paint colour combination for walls. Orange is associated with happiness and so it is a great color for your living room. Your couple will find bright orange shade as a good combination for bedroom as it induces passion and energy. Bright orange and pale blue are complementary colors. So depending on the furniture and floor color, another color can be choses to be used with orange color.

9. Who does not love pink walls, but where can we use pink or pale pink?

Its a great and versatile color for inducing energy into any setup. From living spaces to office space, shades of pink can be seen at many places. Light pink and light grey combination is good for master bedroom as it arouses calm mood. Rosy pink and orange is an obvious choice for kids room as they portray freshness and energy. Dull pink combines well with burgundy for sophisticated look and is quite popular in office settings. Many people use bright orange pattern on cream as well as light pink/ orange walls.

How natural light effects wall color scheme -

Natural light has a big effect on how colors look. Be very aware that your walls, flooring and objects will look different in day when compared to night. The color of your wall changes with the intensity and angle of sunlight, especially the darker shades. Direct sun light is slightly yellow and indirect sunlight is bluish. Lighter shade of some colors may look similar to white walls under bright sun light. Brighter colors like orange, shade of yellow and red looks good in rooms with access to morning sun. Different light sources have different effect on the wall colours, so consider the effect of light source on the wall colour before making the final decision.

How textures as an accent wall, adds pop to your room & furniture

Texture designs are two are more color shades interspersed in creative ways to create a patterned, textured look. There are endless variety of textures and the color scheme can be customized too, for instance light blue with metallic silver; or any other paint color combination works. Check out wall texture designs article for tons of new ideas for creating a unique textured accent wall. Or if plain emulsion are your style, you will see 90+ accent wall color combination ideas in this article.

Still not satisfied with the options and you need more of living coral, muted greens, pale pink and other useful assent wall ideas head over here.

Leading paint companies manufacture purpose made paints with high pigment content to create these specialized texture designs.

Color combination for bedroom walls

While individual taste dictates the color scheme that you have to follow. But heavy vibrant color schemes are best avoided. A mix of neutral backdrop along with some bold colors is advisable. For example navy blue and dull white is an excellent bedroom and dining room color combination with a majestic look.

Is asian paints color palette the best?

Asian paints is the largest paints company in india and it has maintained market leadership due to innovation in product and amazing marketing campaigns. Additionally they also have the best distribution network and largest army of sales officers. All the above factors have acted like pillars and help asian paints to maintain leadership. The second largest player is berger and post them come nerolac and dulux. Nippon and farrow are new players. So other brands also have equally competent products and variety in products. Their low market share does not reflect their product capability but instead shows the competitiveness of asian paints in maintaining good product, efficient distribution and amazing marketing.

So, most of the colors on this article - white tones to shade of purple; warm tones to turquoise shaes, they are asian paint shades. However, feel free to explore colors and products from different brands - who knows you may discover your kinda color in another brand perhaps!