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Frequently Asked Questions

Enamels provides good washability and stain resistance but are very high on gloss, hence are not best suited for large surfaces. So enamels can be used in patches of walls in between your modular furniture and tiles, but may not be ideal if you have to cover the whole wall.

Enamels are mostly oil based paints and have very high gloss. They are mainly used for painting metals and wooden surfaces. They form high gloss surface which is both water and stain resistance. They are also used in kitchen and bathroom walls due to their properties.

PU coating is enamel paints which are designed for usage on wooden surfaces. They form high gloss hard surface for easy maintenance and long lasting.

Furniture polishing services can charge you approximately anywhere between Rs. 15 r.ft. to Rs. 25 r.ft.

Most commonly used and available shades are - Walnut, cherry, wenge, and mahogany.

Wood Polishing

Wood polish finish is the process of protecting and polishing wooden surface, which makes its appearance deeper and richer.

All the wooden furniture and decor makes our living space more pleasant-looking. The major issue with wooden furniture is that it degrades over time, it looks worn down and looks old. This reverses all the pleasantness attached with a good wooden furniture. Investing in new furniture is a costly solution. Best solution is regular maintenance by way of various wood polishing options.

What is the need for wood polish?

Wood polish gives a luxurious and smooth finish to wooden or metallic surfaces. It acts as a protective coating that prevents the material from moisture, dust, scratches, UV rays, water, heat and much more.

There are so many products in the market, so look through product description before choosing the product. Polishing your wooden furniture will not only make them look shiny and attractive but also act as protection which will extend their longevity. Polish also highlights the grain structure of the wood, thus using the natural quality of wood for better visual appeal. Of the many options available, PU Polish is considered a very safe option because of its petroleum-based solvent and constituents. It is free of any volatile organic compounds. Many water-based polishes come loaded with VOCs. So check product specification before using polish. PU Polish is also very durable and tough once cured. 

The Popular Wood Polish Types

So, below are some of the popular types of wood finishes that are used at present in the residential as well as commercial areas. Many large companies including Asian Paints offer multiple products to serve various properties. The traits of benefits of these wood polishes are also provided right here so that you can use them accordingly. Note that a good wood polishing services provides is needed to carry out proper application. 

Water-Based Wood Polish

The water-based wood polish is quite versatile and can be used on distinctive types of wood surfaces for various finishes. These include the bare, duco paint, colour paint, matte finish and stained surface of application. These also do not become yellow over time as the oil-based finish or polish does. The decorative timber articles and handicrafts can use this product for a stylish look, which does not deteriorate over time.

Lacquer Wood Polish

The lacquer finishes are viewed as one of the exceptional types of wood polish; the polish is deemed as an all-rounder. The finish gives for higher floor protection and also dries up faster. It may also make the touchwood wood coating spray with extra durable and add richness and top looks to it. Moreover, a lacquer polish is easy to remove. This helps in trying out different shades over time. Wood floor is a very good use case for these products. 

Polyurethane Polish

The polyurethane wood polish is regarded to be ideal for kitchen cabinets, doors, cupboards, home windows and nearly all sorts of furnishings and even flooring. This is so due to the face of its waterproof properties. PU Polish is quite durable and helps in providing longevity of your timber items. Sold in various unique varieties, you can get the polyurethane wooden finishes for high sheen, shine, gloss and even the satin and natural finishes and appearance. There are multiple options available, so check product details before application.

While the polyurethane timber polish can help to resist moisture and water, it can be affected by the UV sun rays. Because the finish will flip into a yellow coloration in the presence of sunlight after prolonged exposure, its use is not recommended on outdoor wooden furniture and articles.

Varnish Polish

The wooden finish varnish can be applied to both naked and stained wood. These products are long-lasting and are available in many finishes of varying sheen. Proper cleaning of the nascent surface is required before the application of any varnish wood polish.

Shellac Polish

The shellac polish is well known for its fast drying properties and it gives a hard finish. It additionally acts as a stain remover and sealer and thus is also used on the drywalls and on the cured plaster. Because it comes in many different colors, one can remodel the liquid wood polish service or fixtures and make them extra appropriate for décor. French furniture polish is one of the most popular appearance of wood polish. It is made for shellac and alcohol.

The Penetrating or wood oil Polish

The furnishings of the residing room and some other commercial or home areas or timber handicrafts may require a satin/ luxurious look and gloss finish paint or real paint. The oil-based polish may provide a good substitute, given its shine, luster and elegance. These products can also cover the scratches and nicks and may be applied easily. It is important to shield the eyes while applying the oil-based timber polish. The dry slowly, which may be inconvenient in some cases.

Wax Based Wood Polish

The wax glossy finished wood polishing products are available in both the liquid and paste forms. They can be acquired from a wide range of minerals, plants and animal sources. The curved surfaces protect the natural wood furniture from moisture and some other negative agents, along with making them look better. Before application, these need to be first dissolved in oil.